Jerusalem Dinner Theatre

January 16th 2011

Simcha Koltzman has got a lot to say, and he wants to share it with you over dinner after a long day touring in Israel, at Israel’s unique and only dinner theater, “Dinner with Simcha”.

Dress up in your finest getup (cowboy hats allowed) and sit down to a collective dinner party, touring Simcha’s life experiences. This is no typical Jewish history lesson. Simcha’s inspiring journey through life will be sure to leave you with a sense of awe and appreciation when the performance is through.  Look at life through his eyes, the eyes of a Chassidic Jew wandering the streets of Jerusalem.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Jewish traditional customs and lifestyles (what is Borsht anyways? And how do you use it?), this is a perfect and hilarious introduction into a different world. A world that he fills with comedy, music, drama, and barrels and barrels of simcha.

And food? Is there food? Is there ever. Bring an empty stomache, and get ready to fill it with course after scrumptious course of distinguished, gourmet food. Plan clothing wisely, making sure for post-dinner breathing room.

Bring your children, your grandma, the random stranger you met on the busy today- Dinner with Simcha is a fantastic and classy evening that is fun for the whole family, random strangers, and people from all backgrounds.  After all, Jerusalem is a tossed salad, we might as well mix it up!