Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tour? Anniversary Celebration? Adventure Traveler? Every tour is crafted to our clients exact specifications. The below itinerary is just a small sample of what is possible! Contact us and we'll create your custom Israel tour!

Day 1 Tuesday


VIP Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport

After landing, a Shalom Israel Tours representative will be waiting to welcome you as you exit the plane.  Your party will be transported in a private vehicle to the flight staff passport control, continue to luggage identification, and transfer to your chauffeur.

Ascend to Holy Jerusalem

Welcome to the holiest city in the world! Here you will walk through the diverse and beautiful streets of  old & “new” Jerusalem as you settle down at our hotel. You will enjoy the city’s sounds, smells, and tastes; experience the people of Jerusalem, their diversity and vast culture.

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Day 2 Wednesday


Bell Cave Rappelling Experience

Welcome to the land of a thousand caves. For centuries people have been cutting into the rock unearthing burial caves, storerooms, industrial facilities, hideouts and dovecotes.  An amazing site, in place of entering the Bell Caves like “tourists”, we’re going to rappel inside!

Ella Valley Winery Tour

The Ella Valley Wineries are considered one of the best and most advanced wineries in Israel, with a production of over 200,000 bottles a year, all of which are premium wines. Approximately 40% of production is exported, an unprecedented amount in Israel’s industry.

Western Wall Tunnels Tour

These famous underground tunnels contain remnants of entire rooms from the Second Temple period. At Warren’s Gate, you’ll stand just a few feet away from where the Holy Ark stood, and feel the yearning of the Jewish people for the Temple for thousands of years.

Moroccan Dinner & Wine Evening

Darna is a unique institution in Israel, from its inception Darna has done everything possible to fulfill preserve the culture of Moroccan hospitality, from its culinary excellence to welcome in the spirit of the Maghreb, as well as hold an excellent wine cellar.

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Day 3 Thursday


Judean Hills ATV Experience

Get behind the wheel of a ATV dune buggy and blast through the Jerusalem Hills! The unique terrain just outside of the Holy Capital provides an exhilarating driving experience combined with spectacular scenery.   The ATV tours in the Jerusalem Hills is one of the most unique off-road activities in Israel and only a few minutes from your Jerusalem hotel.

City of King David Excavations

In 1004 BCE, King David conquered this city and secured the place where the Holy Temple would eventually be built by his son, King Solomon. Remaining structures such as Warren’s Shaft and the Tunnel of Siloam exhibit the intricate workings of this ancient capital city.

Jerusalem Archaeological Park

Experience Second Temple-era Jerusalem on the eve of its destruction by the Romans. See a virtual reconstruction of the Temple, visit the stores and walkways of the surrounding city and see the remnants of the staircase that led to the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies.

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Day 4 Friday


Zip-Line Adventure – zoom!

Israel is home to the world’s second-longest zip line, where you can zoom down 600 meters at 120 meters high! A shorter zip line is available for young kids, while older ones ride the large one with parents. The ride isn’t as scary as it looks, but it’s every bit as fun!

Caliber 3 Adventure Training

This exhilarating activity is geared to tourists of any age who would like to learn about anti-terrorism tactics. Experts in anti-terrorism combat tell true stories, explain the tactics used to fight terrorism and offer hands-on experience for all participants in shooting weapons.

Hebron – The Holy City of Earth

Visit the second-holiest site in all of Israel, Hebron. Tour the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela) and the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah, the biblical forefathers. Take a moment to pray at the complex’s synagogue.

Friday Night Tour to the Western Wall

On the eve of Shabbat, Jerusalem transforms; stores shut down, and streets and alleyways fall silent, as all begin to anticipate the weekly Shabbat. Our 2000-year-old tour will pass through Jaffa gate and the Golden Menorah, and end at the Wall right as Shabbat begins.

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Day 5 Shabbat


Shabbat Morning at Leisure & Lunch

Enjoy breakfast and your morning at leisure and Shabbat lunch at your hotel.

Jerusalem Old City Shabbat Tour

Explore the Old City’s ancient quarters with an experienced guide. Visit the historical sites of the Old City, including synagogues, churches, markets and squares. Learn about the 3000 year-old history of the city of Jerusalem, from King David’s conquest until the present day.

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Day 6 Sunday


Ancient City of Caesarea Ruins

The Caesarea National Park contains the remains of a prestigious city established by King Herod the Great. Prepare to be amazed when you visit the mighty Roman Amphitheatre, the Hippodrome, a 20,000 seat horse racing arena, as well as the impressive Roman Aqueducts!

Tishbi Wine Taste & Chocolate Tasting

Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting in the Tishbi Winery Visitors’ Center outside Binyamina. Wine and chocolate naturally go together, and Tishbi Winery specializes in of both. The winery’s recently redesigned visitors’ center is designed to assault all the senses at once.

Neve Michael Children’s Home Tour & Lunch

Neve Michael serves 250 children, aged 4-18 years old, from all over the country, who were brought to its doorsteps under traumatic circumstances. Here you’ll learn about this loving home that is devoted to underprivileged and abused children and making their lives better.

Mount Arbel National Park

The Arbel National Park offers breathtaking trails and streams overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. Here, an ancient settlement provides visitors with an opportunity to see the remains of a synagogue as well as a cliff-nestled fort.

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Day 7 Monday


The Galil Mountain Winery

Galil Mountain’s facilities were designed from the outset with the visitor in mind. Visitors walk through various stages of wine production, including the stainless steel container room, state-of-art press, oak barrel room,  all while enjoying panoramic views of the the Upper Galilee.

Tzfat Old City & Artist Quarter

Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel. It has served as a spiritual center since the 1600s, when famous Kabbalists roamed here. Tzfat awaits art lovers, soul-seekers and historians to cobblestone alleys, medieval synagogues, galleries and mystical atmosphere.

Makom B’Sejera Organic Restaurant

This restaurant’s philosophy is one of heightened environmental awareness – the vegetables are organically homegrown on the premises and the main courses.  The menu features delicacies unfamiliar to many kosher diners such as organic buffalo and corn fed quail.

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Day 8 Tuesday


Golan Heights ATV’ing!

Jump behind the wheel of a dune buggy and take exhilarating ride through the Golan Heights! View the Syrian border and abandoned village of Kuneitra, Mount Bental & the Valley of Tears from the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and go zooming through orchards!

Mount Bental IDF Bunker

Enjoy views of Syria from a key mountaintop location on Israel’s northern border. From the top of this dormant volcano, you will see the majestic Mount Hermon, the picturesque Druze villages of the Golan and bunkers and trenches left over from the Yom Kippur War.

Kibbutz El Romm & the Valley of Tears

Though greatly outnumbered, the Israeli 7th Armored Brigade displayed their true strength when they triumphed over the Syrians in the 1973 Yom Kippur war in this famous valley. They had only 40 tanks against 500 Syrian tanks but miraculously emerged victorious.

Yehudiya Nature Reserve

This site will take your breath away! You’ll enjoy cool, beautiful waters surrounded by hexagon-shaped pillars of congealed black lava. The short trail leading to the pool offers a chance to enj0y spectacular forests, meadows and rare animals like vultures and boars.

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Day 9 Wednesday


Arrive in Tel Aviv

Stretching along a beautiful beach strip of the Mediterranean Sea for 100 years, Tel Aviv is considered the face of modern Israel. Nicknamed “The White City” for its abundance of Bauhaus style architecture, Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2003.

The Palmach Museum

Founded in 1941, the Palmach became a fully trained underground military force made up of volunteer men and women who fought to rid Palestine of the British – later merging with the IDF for Israel’s War of Independence. The Palmach’s story comes to life at this museum.

Independence Hall

On May 14th, 1948, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the founding of the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. Today, the space where this occasion took place serves as a museum that tells the story of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Farewell Dinner at Jems Brewery & Restaurant

Before transferring to Ben Gurion Airport for your departure from Israel (come back soon!), enjoy a festive group dinner at Jems Brewery to reminisce about your amazing experience!