Caliber 3 Training in Efrat

December 31st 2014

Caliber 3 TrainingThe Caliber 3 training range is a professional training site for counterterrorism training that also provides a thrilling experience for tourists. Thousands of people who work in Israel’s security industry train here with professional instructors who have expressed their commitment to Israel’s security by serving in elite units of the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli Police Force.

Alongside their professional operation, Caliber 3 offers a distinctive form of tourist activity they call Commando Tourism. Most participants are interested in the basic program, which is a two-hour introduction to learning how to shoot firearms. Other courses include armed civilian training for those who carry guns, two-hour and four-hour introductions to the Krav Maga martial arts system that was developed in Israel – and more intense programs for those who are looking for more intensive military-style training experiences. The longest program offered at Caliber 3 is a 10-day survival course.

caliber 3

The sprawling Caliber 3 training complex includes a tactical training center, an indoor gym for Krav Maga, three ranges and hospitality facilities for dining and lodging.

All programs at Caliber 3 can be offered in English, Russian or French. Since the instructors are also combat experienced, many participants benefit from talking with them about their real life experiences. You might even get an instructor who participated in a battle or military operation you’ve read about in the news.caliber 3.1

Customized programs can be created for Bar and Bat Mitzvah families that will be remembered as a major highlight of your trip to Israel. As expected with a professional training force, every effort is taken to ensure the safety of each participant. For example, younger children are given the opportunity to shoot paintball guns instead of real guns.

A perfect destination for Bar and Bat Mitzvah and other family trips, the Caliber 3 Training Range is located in the city of Efrat in Gush Etzion, just 20 minutes from Jerusalem. You can easily combine a few hours at the Caliber 3 Training Rage in Efrat with other exciting activities in Gush Etzion, such as a zip line, nature hikes, springs, award-winning wineries, Biblical sites and museums.