Four Romantic Ways to Tour Israel

February 13th 2017

Traveling the Holy Land this February? Just because the country as a whole doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t score some major romance points with your special someone while you’re here. Take a look at these surefire aphrodisiacs that will make this Valentine’s Day in Israel a holiday to remember.

Spa Holiday

Is your idea of a romance tied to champagne, full body massages, and jacuzzies? If that sounds like a dream Valentine’s Day, then head to one of Israel’s sensuous spa resorts. From the sulfur baths of Ein Gedi to the ancient Japanese treatments in Safed, indulge your mind, body, and soul for a weekend that will certainly leave your loved one indebted to you for months!

Romance by the Fireside

If you prefer a more subdued vacation to drum up the sentiment in your holiday, then perhaps a log cabin in the woods is more your speed. Head straight to the Galilee to make this dream come true where places like the Vered HaGalil cabins and Shirat HaAsavim are prevalent. Imagine curling up by a crackling fire on a cozy rug or cushy couch, and enjoying the rustic charm of a woodsy cabin in the middle of miles of greenery. Add a jacuzzi and some aromatic candles, and this might be the most romantic vacation of your life.

Fast & Furious

Still, others find the fast and furious nightlife of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to be exhilarating and the epitome of good romance. If this is what does it for your better half, then treat them to some exciting local events, parties, clubs, and gatherings you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Love at Sea

Last but certainly not least, what could be more romantic than a boat ride out on the smooth Mediterranean seas? With a glowing full moon bathing the world in a soft, blue light, the waves creating a gentle lull to the evening, and some fine wine and dining, this is a foolproof recipe for love. Sign up for a yacht cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, and give your loved one the Valentine’s Day they deserve.

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