Mount Amir’s Thrilling Desert Hike

August 29th 2017

Mount Amir is easily one of the most beautiful desert hikes you will take while visiting Israel. Situated a little north of the lovely Eilat, Mt. Amir has the sand-brushed desert as its backdrop. What’s even more amazing, is seeing the various rock formations that time, sand, and wind have crafted, the likes of which not even the most talented artist could hope to replicate. Head south, and check out this amazing experience that combines nature’s beauty, active challenges, and the desert sky in one.

The Wonders of Mount Amir

You can choose several routes through the mountains that will range anywhere from two to four hours, give or take. As you travel along the paths, notice the various colors and textures, a geological masterpiece in shades of green, yellow, and red. Also, take note of the specs of copper hidden in the sand, remnants of the old copper mines in that area. Pack a picnic lunch, and you and your group can enjoy the stunning views while you eat at the top of the Mount Amir peak.

The Black Trail

This trail will take you along the Shchoret canyon. Not only is there gorgeous scenery to behold along this path, but it’s a milder version of the bigger hike we’ll discuss in a minute. This option commences at Amudai Amram (Amram’s Pillars), and if you have younger members or people who have difficulty with too much activity, it’s your best option. The Amram Pillars are pretty interesting to see, enormous columns of solid rock that were slowly eroded over time by natural sandstone erosion.

The Blue Trail

If you are up for a challenge, opt for the Blue Trail. This one involves thrilling challenges like pulling yourself up along rocky ledges and balancing along gravel-covered precipices. All in all, this hike only takes about an hour and a half to get to the top, so it’s not too taxing from start to resting point.

Eilat also has the exotic Red Canyon hike, a set of trails that lead you through the fabulously colored rock canyon and valley below, or you can follow the Israel Trail for another great adventure. Explore the deep and marvelous mountains of Israel for an unrivaled experience this vacation season.