Doing the Kinneret Right: Top Tourist Sites Along the Galilean Sea

September 28th 2017

There are lots of fun facts about the Kinneret that you probably didn’t know. For example, it is the largest freshwater reservoir in Israel, it’s the second lowest point, and it’s not even a sea (it’s a lake, but don’t let the cat out of the bag)! Aside from being an interesting topic of conversation, the Kinneret, aka the Sea of Galilee, is also a fabulous location for plotting out your next Israel vacation itinerary. If you’re going to be in the area, here are some highlights to check out.

Turn up the Heat

Ready for some real R&R? The hot springs found in this area are known for their medicinal powers and healing all what ails ya’. Head for the relaxing Hamat Gader hot springs, Tiberias hot springs, or any of the other bodies of water for a restorative treatment from good old Mother Nature.

Surf’s Up!

Enough lazing around. It’s time to get moving! The Kinneret offers a huge range of watersports and activities for every activity level from extreme sporting to sedentary. At least the water will be moving beneath you! For the more adventurous tourists, try out some of these activities:





You can also opt for the calmer, more romantic route with a night cruise along the Kinneret or a majestic dinner out on the water, care of the beautiful nightclub yacht or the floating restaurant.

You can also stroll around the lake or bike it if you prefer the dry route.

Kinneret Multimedia Show

If you appreciate the beauty and excitement of thrilling lights, sounds, and story coming together as one, you’ll love the multimedia show on the lake. A 15-minute presentation, the show consists of state of the art technology including dancing fountains, projected light beams, and surround sound technology. It’s an amazing experience to watch, and it’s free, so head over to the Yigal Promenade in the evenings. Three screenings are shown each night at 8:30, 9:30 or 10 p.m.

There’s so much fun to be had around the Kinneret. So, get out there, and have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of!