Gush Etzion Sites to Enrich, Enlighten & Delight You

July 13th 2016

Just slightly south of Israel’s capital city, Gush Etzion is an area that has made a big noise over the years. While the location is rife with political tension, the Gush (as locals refer to it) is also brimming over with beautiful national monuments, historical landmarks, and exciting adventure activities for tourists to enjoy. So if you’re looking for a unique experience for your Israel vacation this year, check out some of the coolest places to visit in Gush Etzion.

Herod’s Fortress

Gush Etzion Sites to Enrich 2

Located inside Herodium National Park, Herod’s Fortress is the structure that the great King Herod built somewhere between 23 and 15 BCE. Tour this once-magnificent palace, Herod’s resting place, and some fascinating underground tunnels that were used during Herod’s time by Jewish revolutionaries.

Tomb HoppingGush Etzion Sites to Enrich 3

While in the Gush, you can’t miss out on visiting some of the most prominent graves in Jewish history. The domed tomb of the matriarch Rachel is iconic in Jewish history, and thousands of Jews flock to this site to offer up praise and supplications to this eternal mother figure. The Cave of Machpeleh is also found in this area. The cave is the final resting place of patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, along with Adam and Eve, making this the most significant tomb for all races, creeds, and religions.

The Lone Tree Brewery TourGush Etzion Sites to Enrich 4

If you’ve had enough action for one day, then maybe head over to the Lone Tree Brewery Tour for some delicious beer. This hands-on tour will not only give you a taste of this delightful beverage but it will expand your horizons as you walk through every step of the brewing process until the final results. There’s also the world renowned Gush Etzion Winery that you don’t want to miss while in the area.


Commando TourismGush Etzion Sites to Enrich 5

Looking for a totally different experience than your typical tourist trek? Then check out the Caliber 3 Training facilities in the Gush for some military training at a real counterterrorism site. Sessions include shooting lessons, krav maga (Israel’s home blend of martial arts and street fighting techniques), and even a training course for an intensive military training experience.

Even if you don’t want to go all commando-style, there’s loads of exciting action for the adventure-seeker. Check out some of the most thrilling hotspots here.

Gush Etzion stands tall and strong despite global pressure to cave, and you can show your support by visiting any of these fabulous locations during your trip. Get excitement, insight, and great food while you show your solidarity to your brothers too!