Ein Avdat & the Zin Valley

September 20th 2017

The Zin Valley is a powerful and striking area that nature lovers gravitate towards at all times of the year. This desert valley spans 16 km, so plan to spend the day hiking through this delightful slice of the country, and look out for these highlights along the way.

Lighter Trails

The beautiful Zin Valley and Ein Avdat trails can be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to head for the area. Light hiking trails make it pleasant for every type of tourist, and there is so much to take in throughout the valley and its surroundings.

The views are simply breathtaking with desert skies and landscape flanking you on all sides. The wildlife is prolific in the area, so you can regularly see pairs or flocks of ibex or other desert breeds roaming freely, drinking from the streams, or watching you watch them. It’s almost surreal. Walk along the trickling streams that weave their way down into the valley and gather into pools at the base. Here is also a lovely place to spread a blanket and stop for lunch.

The most exhilarating part of all, though, is the collection of waterfalls and pools that your hike will culminate in.

Advanced Hikers Welcome

If you like a real challenge, then take the more advanced hiking trail across Ein Advat. You’ll really be pushed to the limits here as you trek between the two entrances, climbing metal rungs to cross from one area to the next. Of course, you can skip this part if it’s too much trouble and still enjoy plenty of hiking gratification.

Ben Gurion’s Grave

Ben Gurion, one of the founders and the first prime minister of Israel, lived in Sde Boker and was buried just south of there near the Zin Valley. Each year, politicians, Zionists, and citizens gather to this area on the memorial of Ben Gurion’s death to pay tribute to this great historical and political figure. If you are visiting the Ein Avdat area, it’s worthwhile to go and pay tribute as well.