Hip Hiking Spots to Hit Before It Gets Too Hot

March 24th 2017

The weather is finally pleasant enough to go outside, and you’re probably itching to get moving. That being the case, look at a few of the best hikes to begin the season. It’s also the time to take advantage of the season and get those treks in before the sun starts to really beat down.

Nachal Katlav

This is a good hike for nearly any tourist. The total circuit takes about four hours, but you can pick up the pace to finish faster or stop for lunch to make it an all-day event. Begin on the road to Nes Harim, just west of Jerusalem, and wind your way down a spring path into the valley below. The river dried up years ago, but it’s still a lovely place to walk and get some fresh air. Pass through the old Bar Giora train station, a desolate village, and some delightful greenery along the way.

Nachal Og

This is generally not a challenging hike, however there is one exciting section where you must climb rungs dug into the side of the mountain.

The hike itself is pleasant, and the canyon is stunning. If you feel up to doing the full hike, it’ll take about seven hours, but you can stop at Kibbutz Almog for a good closing point. Start near the Nebi Musa (a cute antique shop off the highway from Jerusalem in the direction of the Dead Sea).

Burma Route

Fans of history will find this hike most appealing. These paths are part of the Six Day War revival, as they were created by Israeli soldiers to bypass the Jordanian siege imposed on Jerusalem to starve the citizens into surrender. Fortunately, the path is what saved hundreds of people from starving during that time.

This hike has two paths you can choose from: east and west.

The eastern path makes you trek uphill all the way till Beit Meir and then continues to Jerusalem or the Martyr’s Forest depending on your preference. This trail is loaded with plaques and other monuments commemorating the bravery throughout this time in Israeli history. This is a difficult ascent, so pace yourself.

The western trail follows Burma Road to Latrun, side-stepping Latrun itself and passing through Rabin Park along the way. This is an easier path, great for biking, or a light stroll.

The weather is finally nice, so get out there and start hiking. Once you start, you’ll be raring to do them all!