Discover the thrill of Israel’s Samarathon, an extreme bike racing marathon like you could never imagine!

February 15th 2017

Samarathon: Bike Racing Like You’ve Never Seen It

3 days long, 3 stages, and adrenaline like you’ve never felt before. That’s right, the Samarathon is back in 2017, and cyclists are lining up for the event as we speak. If you are into extreme sports (participating or just watching them!) and you’ll be in the Middle East this February, then you need to take part in the Samarathon Negev Desert marathon. It’s an experience that will blow you away.

Samarathon, Blowing Everything Else Out of the Water

Israel is no stranger to marathons and hosts several events every year, but the Samarathon is in a category of its own. Celebrating its third year, the Samarathon is the longest mountain bike race to be held in Israel. This year there will be 150 teams competing for the title, and the 2017 Riders’ Village promises to be the most elaborate one yet. With free Wi-Fi, hot showers, live performances, a massage tent, and more, riders will have what to look forward to even when they’re not racing across the challenging dirt paths.

Routes & Rules

The desert trails are what really attract the extreme bikers to the race. Cyclists will enjoy breathtaking views, dizzying ascents, and masterful descents along cliff edges, sand dunes, and loose gravel trails. The marathon runs from Sde Boker to the Eilat mountains and consists of a prologue and two stages. As an aside, once the marathon is over, there are loads of exciting ways to spend your time in Eilat, one of the most beautiful cities in Israel.

The Samarathon coordinators pride themselves on the professionalism and challenge of the race. Professional time-keeping, feed zones, course signing, and the works will be in place for competitors, and the course is designed for “tough and seasoned bikers”.

Ready to run? Then head over to Israel this February, and experience the coastline on a whole new level.