Through the Cold & the Rain: January Happenings in Israel

January 6th 2017

Ok, it’s hardly a week into 2017, you’re starting to feel those extra party pounds, and your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen apart. But the year has just begun, and there’s plenty of opportunity for fun, excitement, and gain. Check out these fun-filled January happenings around Israel, and kick off the year right.

Sea of Galilee Marathon

Get ready to go lower than you’ve ever gone during a trek that’s guaranteed to get you higher than ever before! Join runners from all parts of the globe as they traverse the beautiful Galilee, through Tiberias, for an unforgettable marathon that runs 200 meters below sea level. The whole area comes alive with activities and sporting events for non-participants as well.

When: January 6th

DJ Hardwell

If you enjoy some pumping music, then come and see mixmaster, DJ Hardwell. An up and coming name in the industry, Hardwell has already won the most popular DJ in the world award, and he’s playing in Tel Aviv this January. If this is your kind of music, don’t miss out on an opportunity to hear the master at a discounted price.

When: January 26th

Chamber Music Concert

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, then check out the Chamber Music performances held every Monday in January at the Jerusalem Theatre.

Jerusalem Night Market

The Night Market is a wonderfully eclectic array of colors, styles, and sensations. Find everything from hand-carved olive wood signs to luxurious pashminas and more. Delight in the sales along with the music, art, and entertainment that comes free for your enjoyment.

When: Every Thursday night in downtown Jerusalem (Ben Yehuda/Jaffa St.)

Don’t forget about the Darom Adom Festival, the national flower celebration that paints the countryside a pleasant burgundy, and some other fun events not to miss. January might be a quieter month in terms of legal and religious holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to a humdrum vacation.