The Best Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Around Israel

August 18th 2016

Most people are fascinated by the remote and mystifying world beneath the sea, which is why snorkeling and scuba diving are such popular attractions. Diving down into their world to get a glimpse of how the underwater creatures go about their lives has been described as revolutionary, mind-blowing, and invigorating.

Like the idea of exploring a whole new world beneath the holy waters of Israel? Check out some of the best spots in Israel to go snorkeling and scuba/snuba diving!

Snuba Diving

If you don’t know much about scuba diving, then snuba diving is the perfect place to start. When you go snuba diving, you don’t need to wear the oxygen tank on your back like in scuba diving; instead, you breathe through a long snorkel tube that connects to an oxygen tank on a boat on the surface. It’s easier than snuba, but of course you can’t go as deep. There are many opportunities in Israel to enjoy a guided dive by a professional instructor who will lead you through your fledgling steps into the great underwater world.


Eilat is a natural choice for scuba or snuba diving, and millions of tourists (and locals) take advantage of this prime location every year. With ideal diving conditions like temperatures ranging between 19-29 degrees Celsius, crystal clear visibility, and few currents, Eilat provides the perfect place for beginners and pros to enjoy this exciting sport.

Revel in the magical world of the underwater as you watch sea turtles, stingrays, reef fish, octopus, eels, crocodile fish, groupers, and so much more flit by as they go about their daily routines. During Eilat summers, lucky tourists may even catch a glimpse of whale sharks or dolphins.


Dive Israel

If you’ve already been scuba diving for a while or love the idea of something really different, then Caesarea diving is just what you’re looking for. The Old Caesarea Diving Center offers a totally unique experience, not like any dive you’ve taken before. Explore an ancient Herodian archeological underwater port, visit the Underwater Archeological Park (the only one of its kind in the world!), and travel along the subterranean trails for an adventure of a lifetime!

Tel Aviv

Dive Israel 2

Tel Aviv diving is perfect for beginners of the sport. If you aren’t a skilled diver, you can easily learn the art with these basic level dives that will, excuse the pun, help you get your feet wet!

Whether you want to dabble in the sport with some lightweight snorkeling, or prefer to dive deep, check out these hot spots next time you’re traveling in Israel, and discover a whole new world that lives beneath the surface!