Gush Etzion Tour Sites

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The Lone Tree in Gush Etzion

The cluster of Israeli communities known as Gush Etzion is often symbolized by “The Lone Tree,” a centuries-old oak that you can visit at a strategic Judean road junction. To understand the significance of this emblematic tree, we have to go back to the period just before the State of Israel was officially declared. In […]

Shomron National Park

Approximately seven miles northwest of Nablus (called Shechem in Hebrew), the city where the biblical patriarch Joseph is buried, Israel tour participants can visit the remains of the ancient city of Shomron, also known as Samaria. Although there were multiple historical periods during which the city of Shomron thrived, it was also besieged and changed […]

Caliber 3 Training in Efrat

The Caliber 3 training range is a professional training site for counterterrorism training that also provides a thrilling experience for tourists. Thousands of people who work in Israel’s security industry train here with professional instructors who have expressed their commitment to Israel’s security by serving in elite units of the Israel Defense Forces and the […]

Herodium National Park

Herodium National Park is home to the fortress of the ancient ruler Herod the Great. This fortress was constructed between 23 and 15 BCE. Located outside of Bethlehem, this park houses the tomb of Herod the Great. Visitors are able to take a tour of the park and view the ancient tomb, as well as […]

Lone Tree Brewery Tour

The Lone Tree Brewery prides itself on producing great, handcrafted beer. Each tour of the modest microbrew facility, located in the forest of Gush Etzion, includes several components. The tour is designed to be hands-on. Since tours are arranged in advance, the staff tries to brew its beer on days when tour groups will be […]

Follow in the footsteps of the patriarchs in Beit El

One of the most important biblical sites, Beit El was the first home of Abraham in the Holy Land and the first place he built an altar to a monotheistic God. The modern community of Beit El welcomes tourists to Israel who want to follow in the footsteps of the patriarchs. Abraham built an altar […]

Gush Eztion Winery Tour

Are you an early riser, looking for a one-of-a-kind experience while visiting Israel? During the grape harvest season of July, August and September, the Gush Etzion Winery offers a program called Harvesting at Dawn. Visitors, including families with children, can participate in picking grapes from the winery’s nearby vineyards. Hands-on harvesting activities are coupled with […]

Beit Hadassah Museum in Hebron

Originally built in 1893, Beit Hadassah (The Hadassah House) originally operated under the name Chesed L’Avraham, serving as a free medical clinic for the Jews and Arabs of Hebron. The clinic thrived until it was destroyed during the Arab riots of 1929, but today it serves as a residence for Zionist settlers and as a […]

Tel Shiloh

In ancient times, Tel Shiloh was the capital of Israel and the center of religious worship for the Jewish people. It held that special status for close to 400 years. The Biblical city of Shiloh was the place where the Tabernacle, which preceded the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, stood for 369 years. Tel […]

Adventure through Gush Etzion

Israel may be best known for its religious and historical sites, but travelers in the know have discovered that the country is also an adventure lover’s heaven. After visiting Jerusalem, head just south into the Judean Hills to a cluster of settlements known as Gush Etzion. In this unassuming area, visitors can embark on a […]

Cave of Machpelah

Located in Hebron, the Cave of Machpelah, or the Cave of the Patriarchs, is one of the holiest locations in Israel. When you visit the Cave of Machpelah, you will learn all about the three patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is also the home of the matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah (all except […]

Tomb of Rachel

Discover the restored tomb of the Biblical matriarch, Rachel, wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin. According to the Bible, Rachel was buried on the Bethlehem road located at the entrance of Bethlehem in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. Sir Montefiore received permission from the Turkish Sultan, and refurbished and expanded the tomb to […]

Hebron – Holy City of Earth

The holy city of Hebron, located 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem, is known most for the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela), resting place of the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs. Established in ancient times, Hebron has been home to a continual Jewish presence, from Joshua’s conquest of the Land of Israel all the way until […]

Gush Etzion

Currently home to some 20 thriving communities and 20,000 people, the Judean Hills block known as Gush Etzion did not have an easy start. Today it’s the perfect region for exploring Zionist and Biblical history, Israeli rural living and adventure tourism. The first Zionist settlers came to Gush Etzion in 1927, established, and then quickly […]

Kfar Etzion

Kfar Etzion is a religious kibbutz located in the southern West Bank. Founded in 1927, it was established as a farming community known as Migdal Eder. In 1929 it was destroyed during the Palestinian riots, and rebuilt in the 1930s as Kfar Etzion. It fell again after 1948 but was re-established once again in 1967. […]

Rachel’s Tomb – Our Matriach

Rachel’s Tomb, or Kever Rahel, is located near the northern entrance to Bethlehem, on the Israeli side of the West Bank barrier. It is the burial place of Rachel, one of the four matriarchs mentioned in the Bible. Rachel is known as the eternal mother who cares for all her children during times of distress. […]

Beit Guvrin National Park

Beit Guvrin National Park is best known for the hundreds of caves that were dug here by hand in ancient times. Nature created the hillside in a soft, chalky substance and covered them with a layer of rock, known as nari. The caves are the result of human hands that created underground open spaces within […]