4 Hot Springs in Which to Relax When Touring Israel

January 6th 2020

Israel is a land famous for many wonders, both natural and manmade. Among the natural features that make the Holy Land truly remarkable are the numerous thermo-mineral hot springs dotted throughout the region. They offer visitors a chance to relax in warm waters rich with healing salt minerals. 

The natural hot springs in Israel are produced by geothermal-heated groundwater rising from the Earth’s crust. Minerals contained within the water, including calcium and sodium bicarbonate, together with the sulfur and heat, afford a number of therapeutic benefits. 

Hot springs have been popular with people for millennia, through countless civilizations, right up to the present day. When touring Israel and seeking a place in which to truly relax, it’s well worth looking out for the nearest natural hot spring. 

Some of our favorites include the: 

  1. Tiberias Hot Springs

One of the most well-known hot springs in Israel is found near the shores of the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee). Mentioned in the Talmud as a place with healing powers, the Tiberias Hot Springs have a long and fascinating history, having been used for centuries for physical and spiritual healing. 

Today, the two spring pools provide tourists with hot bathing waters in which to help lower blood pressure, increase overall oxygen flow, heal dry skin, and reduce stress. 

  1. Ein Gedi Hot Springs

Perhaps the most famous body of water in Israel with healing properties is the Dead Sea. What better way to rejuvenate your body than by combining the mineral benefits of the world’s saltiest lake with the relaxing qualities of the Ein Gedi Hot Springs. 

Located on the shores of the Dead Sea, near the beautiful Ein Gedi National Park, the natural hot springs are a perfect place to enjoy a peaceful and quiet bathe in healing waters. There’s also a black mud lathering area (for even more skin nourishing), a freshwater pool, and a pristine beach. Perfect for a day of relaxation and pampering in this remarkable location. 

  1. Hamat Gader Hot Springs

Located south east of the Kinneret, on the border with Jordan, is the luxury landmark spa village of Hamat Gader. The natural hot springs found here have been used by people for thousands of years, all the way back to the era of the Romans, and before. 

The waters rise from an estimated 2 kilometers below ground and circulate at the surface at a steady 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The sulfur and healing minerals are beneficial for skin, muscles, joints, mental wellbeing, and more. There’s a full range of massage and alternative treatment therapies available onsite. 

  1. Hamei Ga’ash Natural Hot Spring and Spa

On the Israeli Mediterranean coast, just north of Herzliya, is the Hamei Ga’ash Hot Spring. There are a number of hot water pools including natural mineral pools, saltwater pools, and pools with jets that massage your weary muscles. 

In summer, you can go for a swim in the sea nearby, while in the cooler months, the hot spring water will help keep any chills at bay. Perfect for all the family. 

Important note: If you have any health issues then it’s worth checking with your doctor before entering a hot natural spring. Some existing health conditions can potentially be exacerbated when entering the water.