Winter Holidays Across the Holy Land

December 13th 2016

Israel is known as the Holy Land, and there’s no time that the title is more fitting than in December. The month is chock full of religious celebrations that cover the spectrum from Judaism to Christianity and beyond. If you’re in Israel this December, be sure to partake in some of these festivities.



Christmas is actually huge in Israel. Worshippers flock to the birthplace of their savior during this time of year, and massive Yule tides sweep the nation. Travel to Bethlehem for the largest celebration where you’ll see a tremendous Christmas tree, caroling throughout the night, and an impressive nativity scene.



Chanukah is the Jewish celebration that commemorates the miracle that happened to the Jewish nation during the Greek rule. A celebration of light, the entire country is bathed in bright lights of every size, color, and design. The central focus is around the chanukia or menorah, the lamp that holds eight candles/wicks and is lit every night during this eight-day long festival. Visit the Great Synagogue, the Western Wall, Dizengoff Sq. or any other major city center for a public lighting each night of Chanukah.

New Year’s Eve/Sylvester


Sylvester is a Christian/Catholic holiday that commemorates the death of Pope Sylvester, a saint who is prominently known for inaugurating the First Council of Nicaea and actually christening Constantine II. The memorial falls out on December 31, but the feast is usually celebrated on January 2 so as not to interfere with traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations. Israelis combine the two and simply usher in the new year with a bang. Hit up Tel Aviv for some of the best New Year’s Eve parties on the planet!

Holiday of Holidays


Perhaps the best thing to celebrate this month however is diversity. That is just what the Holiday of Holidays event embraces each year. Join hundreds of people from various backgrounds, races, and religions as they come together to enjoy the beauty of humanity in all its vibrant shades. The event includes a crafts fair, outdoor activities, food tastings, theatre show, exhibits, and more.

There’s always something to rejoice in, so visit Israel, and celebrate life!