Unlocking the Code to Israeli Hotels With Built-in Water Parks

April 29th 2017

One of our favorite ways to stay cool and have a blast while touring Israel is to hit up some of the lunar and water parks that we have to offer. For such a small country, Israel has packed in a fair share of parks, but entrance to these places can start to get expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a lot of kids. Well, we’re going to bring you in on a little secret we know that’ll help you sneak into some of the greatest water parks in the country. Check it out!

The Big Secret

Ok, ready for the secret? The key to traveling Israel (aside from finding the best tour guides, of course!) is to stay in hotels with the price of a water park built in. You’re already paying for your hotel stay, and now you get entrance into a fun-filled day at the park for free! Here are the top places to stay with that special perk already tacked on.


Shefayim is the only hotel in Israel that will also give you free entrance to the exciting water park a few minutes’ walk away. The Shefayim water park spans 24 acres of land and is broken up into three different complexes with paintball, motor shows, and an Adventureland as well. The water park itself includes wave pools, water slides of dizzying heights, and racing slides, and other exciting water adventures to enjoy.

Kibbutz Chofetz Chayim

The reason we say Shefayim is the only hotel in Israel with entrance to a water park is that while Kibbutz Chofetz Chayim does include entrance to the Chofetz Chayim water park in the price of a room, it isn’t actually a hotel. This is a kibbutz that has created guest cottages for locals and foreigners alike. Catering specifically to the orthodox Jewish crowd, this resort boasts an operational synagogue on campus, certified kosher meals, full Shabbat observance, and separate hours for men and women in the water park.

Well, there you have it. Get the most out of your money when you rake in some awesome perks that are already covered by the price of your hotel room and enjoy your Israel vacation even more!