Touring Tel Aviv, The (Israeli) City That Never Sleeps

August 12th 2016

Tel Aviv 1

Tel Aviv is possibly the high tech capital of the world, with new startups cropping up almost every day and fascinating innovations coming to life constantly. But Tel Aviv has even more than just cool gadgets and quirky architecture to show for itself. This bustling epicenter truly never sleeps, and there is action and excitement non-stop along these city streets. Do yourself a favor and visit some of the hottest spots in Tel Aviv this year.

High Tech & High Intensity

If you’re looking to do something really different on your trip this year, then check out these two locations.

Sportech: Get moving and grooving at the Sportech in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel’s epic sports center with activities for everyone to enjoy.

Better Place: Care about your world? So does Better Place, a company that’s trying to propel the world forward towards cleaner, smarter, better cars so we can all make this world, yeah, a better place.

Much Ado About Museums

As with any cultural center, Tel Aviv has its fair share of museums to enjoy. Take a look at a few of the more interesting exhibits:

Palmach Museum: Possibly one of the most exciting museums you’ll ever visit, Palmach envelopes you with a full, experiential tour you won’t soon forget.

The Old Courtyard: Learn about the early beginnings of the Kibbutz movement with this panoramic view of that slice of history.

IDF History Museum: Everyone who’s fascinated by the miraculous Israeli army will appreciate this inside look at its history.

Chaim Weizmann Museum: Peek into this brilliant man’s personal life, and see how our first president was much more than just a politician. There is also the Hagana Museum and Ben Gurion House that give you further insight into Israel’s inspiring public figures.

And a whole lot more; we won’t spoil all the fun for you!

Tel Aviv 2

And if the weather is nice, you can just walk around the streets of Tel Aviv to soak in the eclectic culture that hustles and bustles, stroll through the hodgepodge and art-soaked Jaffa flea market, or get into nature with any of the beautiful and historical national parks including Tel Afek, Tel Gezer, and Apollonia.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone around Tel Aviv, so make sure you put this happening city at the top of your bucket list!