Tea: Become an Authentic Israeli with One Cup!

November 18th 2016

When the wind is blowing, the rain is falling, and the stretch of long nights starts settling in there’s one thing that most people in Israel reach for: a steaming cup of tea. Whether it’s Masala Chai with a little bit of milk you like, the tangy punch of a delicious fruit combo, or the smoky satisfaction of peppermint steeping, there’s every flavor to satisfy your cozy winter craving.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy this delightful brew while traveling through Israel.tea-time-2

Tea Shops

It’s a huge part of the culture now. Catching up with the coffee shop phenomenon (which is as big in Israel – if not bigger – than it is everywhere right now), tea shops are cropping up left and right around the country. People will sit with a tea surrounded by other tea lovers for hours, enjoying the smooth flavors of a perfectly brewed tea. If you want to get into the real Israeli culture, check out some of the chicest tea shops across Israel.

Love tea so much? Why not take a tea tour? That’s right. At Shirat HaMidbar, you can walk through acres of freshly growing tea leaves of every variety imaginable, hear about the care required to nourish these delicate plants, and become intoxicated by the heavenly aroma of these delicious home-grown beverage starters. Take some of the magic home with you from their colorful gift shop as well.

A Religious Experiencetea-time-4

Bedouins are a sect of people in Israel that pride themselves on hospitality. One thing they’re famous for is inviting tourists to sit with them on carpets in Bedouin tents while sipping thick, authentic tea. There are Bedouin activities all along the Galilee and other parts of Israel, and it has become a major attraction for travelers who enjoy seeing another culture first-hand.

Or Just Order in!

Israeli winters can be harsh, so you can also order from one of these unique online tea shops for premium quality tea that is delivered straight to your front door!tea-time-3

Ceremonie: A small, family-owned business, Ceremonie says that making tea is their passion! Choose from wild flavors like Moroccan Mint, Citronella, or Sencha Green teas, and enjoy free shipping when you order 100 NIS or more (roughly $25 dollars), so that’s not too hard!

Ocha: Ocha lets you enjoy exotic blends and herbal infusions from across the globe including Asia, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere. Ocha also offers free delivery.

iTea: iTea has loads of flavorful teas that they export all over the world, and you can have your own variety delivered to your door in Israel as well.