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HaMeiri House

December 2nd 2010

The HaMeiri House, located in the city of Tzfat, houses numerous rooms and artifacts that date back to the last few hundred years of the settlement of Tzfat and their inhabitants. Visitors who love learning about (and eating) dairy products should also visit Meiri Dairy. This place claims to be the first dairy manufacturing company […]

Biriya Forest

December 2nd 2010

The Biriya Forest is a historical landmark from the 1948 War of Independence and a location that holds religious significance. The Biriya Forest covers over five-thousand acres and houses over five-million trees, including Pine, Broadleaf, Terebinth, Judas, Cedar, and Birch, as well as fruit and nut trees. It is the perfect location for enjoying northern […]

Tel Aviv Segway Tours

December 2nd 2010

 Segway tours around Tel Aviv are a great way to participate in an open-air tour of one of Israel’s most famous cities. A Segway tour is a unique experience with all the advantages of a normal motorized tour, but gives you pedestrian access to attractions around the Tel Aviv area, including the Promenade, the Namal, […]

Ancient Katzrin Park

December 2nd 2010

Ancient Katzrin Park features a third century Jewish village modeled after Talmudic times, including a dwelling with domestic artifacts that were used during the year, as well as a reconstructed early synagogue. The synagogue is made of basalt and was used for hundreds of years until it was destroyed by an earthquake. It is said […]

Zippori National Park

September 13th 2010

What was once home to over 40,000 people, including rabbis, Romans and Hellenized Jews, is now a vast archeological site at Zippori National Park in the Lower Galilee. The great Jewish court known as the Sanhedrin was located in Zippori and her most important resident was Rabbi Judah HaNasi, compiler of the Mishnah, a central […]

Monfort National Park

September 13th 2010

Three reasons why you should consider visiting Monfort National Park in the Keziv Stream Nature Reserve:   You’ve been to Israel before and seen all the must-see destinations. You’re traveling with pre-teens and young adults. You’d really enjoy the freedom to wander around ancient ruins, not just see them from a distance.   About 22 […]

Mount Meron

September 13th 2010

Mount Meron is the second tallest mountain in Israel (1,209 meters) and the largest nature reserve in the Galilee. Trek up to the peak of Mount Meron for an amazing view of Tzfat and the surrounding areas, perfect for sunsets. The town of Meron is located on the slopes of the mountain, right next to […]

Cruise on the sea of Galilee

September 13th 2010

Take a day cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Visitors will enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves while sprays of water come over the boat and feel refreshing. Visitors can look overhead and see the seagulls or below into the water and see the vast amounts of St. Peter’s Fish, which is local to […]

The Diaspora Museum

September 13th 2010

Beit Hatfutsot: The Museum of the Jewish People’s mission is to tell the 4,000 year-old, worldwide story of the Jewish people. In 2005, the Israeli government passed a law defining Beit Hatfutsot as The National Center for Jewish Communities in Israel and Around the World. Every visit to Israel is, by definition, an encounter with […]

Eilat Bay

September 13th 2010

Eilat Bay, the southernmost tip of Israel, includes a beautiful coral reef that straddles the equator. The warm water in the Red Sea enables coral to grow and thrive in the area. Visitors are welcome to come to Eilat Bay and snorkel or scuba dive around the coral and see the diverse fish life that […]

Snuba Diving Trips

September 13th 2010

Snuba is a guided underwater adventure geared mainly toward beginners who have no scuba experience. Visitors to the Snuba Diving Club can either go snuba diving or snorkeling; you can rent or buy snorkel equipment. Snuba is similar to scuba except that the air tank remains at the surface of the water in a boat, […]

Mini Israel Park

September 13th 2010

Your upcoming trip to Israel is unlikely to include enough time to see the whole country, from Metulla in the north to Eilat in the south, so we recommend a visit to Mini Israel! Located near Latrun, just off the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, Mini Israel Park offers opportunities to see all of Israel in […]

Katros House – The Burnt House

September 13th 2010

Katros House – The Burnt House The Burnt House belonged to the priestly Katros family which was burnt to the ground by the Romans in 70 CE during the destruction of the Second Temple, and excavated in the 1970’s. The museum consists of rooms unearthed beneath the streets of the Jewish Quarter and houses many […]

City of David

September 13th 2010

City of David The City of David Archaeological Park holds some of the earliest artifacts in Jerusalem’s history. There are exhibits dating back to the fourth millennium BCE, all the way to the Byzantine era during the Middle Ages. Visitors to the City of David will first notice large city walls, a 13-meter stone building […]

Jerusalem’s New City – Great Tour Sites

September 13th 2010

JERUSALEM NEW CITY TOUR SITES Haas Promenade (Tayelet) Ammunition Hill Bible Lands Museum Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum Israel Museum & Model of Jerusalem Machne Yehuda “Shuk” (Market) Ben Yehuda Street Mount Herzl Museum Jerusalem Time Elevator Zoological Garden (The Biblical Zoo) Local Jerusalem Neighborhoods Hutzut Hayotzer Artists Colony

Hebron – Holy City of Earth

September 13th 2010

The holy city of Hebron, located 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem, is known most for the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela), resting place of the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs. Established in ancient times, Hebron has been home to a continual Jewish presence, from Joshua’s conquest of the Land of Israel all the way until […]

Kfar Etzion

September 13th 2010

Kfar Etzion is a religious kibbutz located in the southern West Bank. Founded in 1927, it was established as a farming community known as Migdal Eder. In 1929 it was destroyed during the Palestinian riots, and rebuilt in the 1930s as Kfar Etzion. It fell again after 1948 but was re-established once again in 1967. […]

Rachel’s Tomb – Our Matriach

September 13th 2010

Rachel’s Tomb, or Kever Rahel, is located near the northern entrance to Bethlehem, on the Israeli side of the West Bank barrier. It is the burial place of Rachel, one of the four matriarchs mentioned in the Bible. Rachel is known as the eternal mother who cares for all her children during times of distress. […]

Gamla National Park

September 13th 2010

Gamla was an ancient city located in the Golan Heights and is known as the Massada of the north. In this location, during the period of the Second Temple, the Jews of the area fought against the Romans until their demise during The Great Revolt. Today Gamla is the scene of a massive archeological site, […]

Beit Guvrin National Park

March 9th 2010

Beit Guvrin National Park is best known for the hundreds of caves that were dug here by hand in ancient times. Nature created the hillside in a soft, chalky substance and covered them with a layer of rock, known as nari. The caves are the result of human hands that created underground open spaces within […]

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