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5 Neighborhoods in Israel You’d Be Surprised at How Fun They Are

January 15th 2018

You’ve booked the hotel, airfare, and tours. You arranged the car, the shuttle, and the meals. You’ve checked and double-checked, and this year’s Israel vacation is going to be epic. At last, you arrive, and there’s just one thing standing in between you and your dream holiday: TOURISTS! If you hate sharing the air space […]

Hanging Out in Rosh Pina

September 7th 2017

Rosh Pina is sometimes overlooked for the bigger cities surrounding it. After all, it’s hard to live in the shadow of Tzfat (literally!). But, what many visiting tourists don’t know, is that this small town is brimming over with exciting outlets all its own. Take a look at what you’re missing if you just skip […]