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Alexander River National Park

September 13th 2014

Have you ever seen a soft-shelled turtle? The place to get up-close and personal with this unusual sea creature is the Alexander River National Park. Historians believe the Alexander River, known in Hebrew as Nachal Alexander, was named after Arab watermelon merchant Aixander Abu Zbura who became wealthy by exporting watermelons to Egypt and Lebanon. […]

Alona Park, Mei Kedem

September 8th 2014

If you’re looking for a cool and wet adventure, head over to Alona Park. The main attraction in Alona Park, near the coastal city of Caesarea is, without a doubt, the 2,000 year old water tunnel. One of its names is Mei Kedem, which means ancient water. The water tunnel was built during the Second […]

Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

August 27th 2014

When certain species living on Mount Carmel in Haifa became extinct as a result of hunting, deforestation, war and other hazardous conditions, two men established Hai Bar in the 1960s. Their goal was to restore previously existing wildlife to Mount Carmel. Today, visitors can enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve […]

Sharon National Park

August 25th 2014

Israel has a number of pristine and beautiful national parks. The Sharon National Park, also known as Hof HaSharon, offers 1500 acres of uninterrupted natural beauty. If you’re a photographer, or just have a discerning eye, you’ll certainly delight in the array of flowering plants, animals and waterways. The trails, including the Cliff Trail and […]

Ne’ot Kedumim Biblical Park

August 22nd 2014

One of the distinctive aspects of touring Israel is the chance to connect in a personal way to the Biblical history of the Jewish people. Ne’ot Kedumim is described as a Biblical Landscape Reserve. What does that mean? Ne’ot Kedumim, which can be translated as “the pleasant habitations of old” was built to recreate the […]

Ben Shemen Forest Monkey Park

August 16th 2014

The Ben Shemen Monkey Park is both a tourist attraction and a serious sanctuary for monkeys in need of a safe refuge, including monkeys who have previously been used in, and rescued from, scientific laboratories or smuggled into Israel illegally. If a monkey is in danger anywhere in Israel, it can be tended to here, […]

En Afek Nature Reserve

June 28th 2014

If you’re looking for some natural charm and a glimpse at a wetlands wonder, take a drive up to the En Efek Nature Reserve near Haifa. This nature reserve is home to a wide variety of seldom-seen waterfowl such as pelicans, cranes, grey herons and pygmy cormorants. The birds make their appearances mostly during the […]

Taninim Nature Reserve

June 20th 2014

The coastal waterscape known as the Taninim Nature Reserve is named for the crocodiles that used to populate the area. Many generations ago, the nearby Kebara swamps were apparently crawling with these notoriously dangerous reptiles. Don’t worry, though. The last time a crocodile was sighted in the area was 1912. The two highlights of the […]

Beit Shean Ruins

November 1st 2013

Located in Northern Israel where the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley meet, Beit She’an is one of Israel’s most ancient cities – no small feat in a nation known for its antiquities. Scholars believe that the history of Beit She’an goes back 5,000 years. After many centuries of conquest, earthquakes and rebuilding, today, […]

Mount Bental IDF Bunker Lookout

September 3rd 2013

Mount Bental, which rises to nearly 4000 feet above sea level, offers extraordinary panoramic views of the northeastern Golan Heights and beyond. From the top of Mount Bental, participants in tours of northern Israel can see the entire Golan and also a significant distance into the neighboring country of Syria. Visitors can also catch a […]

Hula Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

The Hula Nature Reserve is an important wetland home for tens of thousands of aquatic birds covering over 60,000 dunams (15,000 acres). This impressive nature reserve project began in 1951, and continues to provide an important resting place for migrating birds such as the cranes, pelicans, storks, egrets and cormorants. The Hula Valley also shelters […]

Bar’am National Park

March 22nd 2011

In a country like Israel where ancient things are quite common, the Bar’am National Park in the Upper Galilee is home to one of the oldest synagogue remains in all of Israel. The park is located less than 1000 feet from the border between Israel and Lebanon. The synagogue ruins date back to the times […]

En Prat (En Fara) Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

Surround yourself with magnificent flora and fauna at the En Prat Nature Reserve! Open year round, visitors can enjoy a spring that flows throughout the year and a number of special animals. Walking along the well-marked trail will lead you to the spring. Along the trail, you will pass the entrance to the Firan Monastery. […]

Masada Sound and Light Show

March 22nd 2011

For those at Masada on Tuesday and Thursday evenings around 9pm, check out the Masada Sound and Light Show. It is a magnificent experience, taking place along the backdrop of Masada’s western location. This spectacular show tells the amazing story of the Jewish rebels and their last few days at the apex of this large […]

Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

Visit the Enot Tsukin Nature Reserve, or En Fashkha, known as the lowest elevation nature reserve on the planet, not to mention one of the most beautiful. This green oasis is located not far from the Dead Sea. There are three parts of this reserve. The northern reserve is closed to all visitors, except for […]

Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

Experience the beauty of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, a green area covering 16,500 acres lying at the center of the Golan Heights. You can wander through the Yehudiya Forest and enjoy the impressive landscape of towering Mt. Tabor oaks mixed with other species of trees. The reserve is home to a variety of fauna […]

Belvoir (Kokhav HaYarden) National Park

March 22nd 2011

Go back to the time of the crusaders with a visit to Belvoir National Park located just above the Jordan Valley. The central attraction is a a recreation of the excavated Crusader fortress discovered at the site. The fortress dates back to the twelfth century and boasts a 20-meter-wide, 12-meter-deep moat used by the crusaders […]

Meshushim Pool in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

If you’re headed to the Golan Heights, make sure to stop at the beautiful Meshushim Pool, part of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve. Meshushim means “hexagons” in Hebrew, a tribute to the remarkably-shaped basalt pillars that line the cool, clear pool. Amazingly, the geometric landscape results from layers of lava slowly cooling through the ages. […]

The Iyon (Tanur) Stream Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

If you’re looking for a scenic hike that can be managed by the entire family, turn your attention to the Iyon Stream Nature Reserve near Metulla, the northernmost moshav in Israel. The trails here are considered among the most dramatic in Israel. The short trail is just a bit over a mile long. It’s set […]

Senir Hatsbani Stream Nature Reserve

March 22nd 2011

Visit the river that both connects and divides two nations. The Senir (Hatsbani) River at 65 kilometers is the longest of the three tributaries to the Jordan River. It runs from Lebanon to the northwestern slopes of Mount Hermon and even forms the border between the two countries for a stretch of four kilometers. You’ll […]