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Plans for Pesach? Here’s Your Israel Itinerary!

April 3rd 2017

If you are in Israel this Passover holiday season, then it’s about time you started making plans. There are only a few days of actual touring you’ll be able to get in between the holidays, so make sure you pack a lot of fun into those precious moments. Here are a few great happenings that […]

Top 5 Reasons to Spend Passover in Israel

March 6th 2012

The Passover Seder traditionally concludes with, “Next year in Jerusalem.” This April, why not say “this year in Jerusalem” and spend one of the most poignant Jewish holidays in the Holy Land?

Passover in Hebron

April 11th 2011

This Passover, while you’re traveling in Israel, you might as well visit some long-lost relatives. You know, the ones you lost touch with years ago, the ones your ma and pa told you stories about, and the ones who go waaaay back to the beginning of Jewish history. In other words, if you want to […]