Plans for Pesach? Here’s Your Israel Itinerary!

April 3rd 2017

If you are in Israel this Passover holiday season, then it’s about time you started making plans. There are only a few days of actual touring you’ll be able to get in between the holidays, so make sure you pack a lot of fun into those precious moments. Here are a few great happenings that you can enjoy during your trip.

Ascend at Ascent

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience, Ascent is a wonderful place to be this Pesach. They’ve created an action-packed Passover retreat that is brimming with fun, excitement, and an underlying theme of holiness throughout. Join the group for live concerts, hikes, tours, and art workshops, along with lectures and meditation sessions like you’ll only get in Tzfat!

Automotor Car Show

Automotor is Israel’s biggest and most anticipated car and automotive show of the year. This year, the event will be taking place on April 12th-15th at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. You can see some of the most innovative automotive concepts being worked on today. The event showcases new model cars, racing boats, extreme SUVs, military vehicles, ships, and more.


There are also several museums that are free to the public over chol hamoed including the:

Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Diaspora Museum

Design Museum Holon

Rabin Center

Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art


Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

City of David

Bible Lands Museum

Begin Heritage Center

Israel Museum


Haifa Museum of Art

National Maritime Museum

Haifa Zoo


Haifa City Museum


Israeli Air Force Museum

Ashdod Art Museum

Negev Museum of Art

Hai Negev Revivim

Museum of Water and Security at Kibbutz Nir Am


…and many more. So, take advantage of these deals while you can.


You’ll also find a huge park of giant inflatable jumping castles and toys for kids from age 2 till 100! Get to Holon, and bounce away!

Israel is a great place to be for Passover because there are endless options for food, entertainment, and events. Even the buses are getting into the Passover spirit around here, isn’t it time you did too? There’s never a reason to feel bored in Israel, and over the holiday, there’s even more to do than usual. So, go ahead and lace up those walking shoes, and get ready for a fabulous vacation!