Summer Beaches You Won’t Fight for Space

July 26th 2017

Going to the beach is a very popular way to spend your vacation in Israel. The carefree atmosphere, the refreshing coastal air, and the rejuvenating waves add up to a first class ticket for relaxation and enjoyment. The one thing that can ruin a good beach day is having to fight for space along the shore. If you aren’t interested in rubbing elbows with the vacationer next to you, then check out these beaches that will afford you your own personal space to enjoy.

Yannai Beach

A recent restoration project, this Mediterranean beach is one of the loveliest patches of beach, quietly tucked away on the Alexander River. Just north of Netanya, which is known for beautiful beaches itself, Yannai is a great place to go if you don’t want to fend for yourself in the crowds. Not too many people know about it, so get in while the secret is still safe!

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is a bit of a hippy village, and that’s just fine because it keeps the population from exploding. Nestled on the southern coast of Tel Aviv near Jaffa, this beach is a great place to go for quiet introspection, communing with nature or even just the regular day of fun in the sun. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a group of bohemian-wrapped locals playing their bonos at night, though!

Bat Yam

You have to time this one right, but generally, the Bat Yam beach is quieter than most. Adjacent to the very popular Rishon L’Tziyon beach, Bat Yam is just a little further up north. Since people don’t see any reason to keep traveling once they’ve already found a beautiful beach, Bat Yam doesn’t get as much traffic. That makes it the perfect destination for more secluded tourists.

Of course, you can always try Metzoke Dragot beach if you are very bold. Why? Because this one has no rules about attire, and, in fact, nude sunbathing is the norm. Makes for a smaller population, though!

Also, the private beaches that are connected to the coastal hotels will also be less packed than others just because they are exclusively used by hotel guests. So, if you’re staying at one of the hotels that offer this feature, you’re set!