Stalactite Caves: Nature’s Idea of Quality Room Decor

November 10th 2017

The Stalactite Caves go by a number of names. Some call them Avshalom Cave, others term it Soreq Cave, while others stick to the basic stalactite caves. Regardless of its tag, the ongoing theme is WONDROUS. These caves are covered in a ceiling of sparkling stalactite formations sparkling down from above like so many twinkling stars. Explore the cave on your next visit to the Holy Land.

The Stalactite Caves

The Stalactite Caves are actually under the jurisdiction of the Natural Parks Authority. Like looking up to a chandelier-covered ceiling, the Stalactite Caves offer a spectacular experience through geology and nature. Tourists can view the tremendous stalactite and stalagmite formations shooting up from the floor and down from the ceiling in some impressive arrangements. If you take a careful look, you can even make out some of the more prominent creations including shapes that have been named “The Grandfather,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and “The Macaroni Field,” among others.

Navigating the Cave

If you aren’t in the mood to venture all the way down into the cave, there is a convenient observation area that overlooks the cave’s interior. Due to the angle of the platform and the decorative artistic lighting, onlookers can see the highlights of the cave nicely.

Of course, it’s even nicer if you do make the walk down into the belly of the cave where you can see all the formations in their glorious, natural state. It’s well worth the wait.

Other Points of Interest

Aside from the gorgeous displays within the cave, Avshalom Cave also has some interesting lookout points right outside the cave. Visiting this observation area will give you a clear view of the neighboring quarries. It is due to these quarries that the cave was originally found, and the mines now make up a part of the nature reserve. On a clear day, you can see as far as Ashdod from the lookout point.

You can also watch an interesting video on how the cave itself was formed.

How to Get There

Finding your way to the Stalactite Caves is easy by bus and even easier if you have a car. Located between Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, you can take an intercity bus that runs down Highway 1 towards Route 38, or hail a cab for a quicker ride.