Spotlight on: What’s There to do in Acre?

June 16th 2017

When you think of tourist attractions in Israel, you think Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat. Acre, aka Akko, is probably not even going to make your top fifteen, which is why it’ll surprise you to know that this quiet little city is actually home to some of the most interesting and beautiful locations in the Middle East. If you’re looking for something new to enjoy this time around, check out Acre, the undiscovered tourist haven.

Bahai World Center

This is the epicenter of the Baha’i faith, but regardless of your denomination, you can appreciate the beauty of this place. The entire compound is made up of the Shrine of Baha’ullah, the Shrine of Bab, the expansive gardens, and several prominent buildings related to the faith. The gardens are stunningly cultivated and exquisitely maintained, and much of the area is listed as a World Heritage location, so don’t miss this hot spot.

Underground Prisoner’s Museum

Built during the Ottoman Empire, the Acre Citadel was used as a prison for decades throughout its existence. It housed prominent members of the army and government at various stages of history including Zev Jabotinsky, Moshe Dayan, Moshe Carmel, and several members of the Jewish resistance against the British mandate.

Treasures in the Wall Museum

Located in the old city of Acre, this museum will give you a panoramic view of the area throughout history. With ancient artifacts, heritage pieces, and authentic sights and remnants, the Treasures in the Wall Museum paints a fascinating and realistic picture of life throughout the ages. From handcrafted furniture to Judaica and even canons, there are hundreds of artifacts for you to marvel over. They also have a rotating exhibit that changes themes every three months. It’s really something spectacular to behold.

And that’s not all that Akko has to offer the curious and the adventurous. There’s also the Akko Prison, The Alarm, the Knights’ Hall, the Templars’ tunnels, and several mosques and synagogues from ancient times that will really blow you away. There’s something interesting around every corner in Israel. You just have to know where to look.