Shvil Izim – A Path to Perfection

May 31st 2016

Shvil Izim – A Path to Perfection

Located in Tel Shachar, a mere 15 minute drive from central Modiin and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, Shvil Izim combines an outdoor experience with a truly unique Israeli restaurant. Reviews have consistently graded the restaurant as a “must visit”, with many claiming it’s the finest milky dining establishment in the country.


Translated as “Goat Path”, the restaurant is dairy and fully kosher licensed, and is situated on a fully functioning goat farm. The farm is also where the production of both cheese and yoghurt takes place, meaning that everything is especially fresh and tasty. Goat’s cheese is the specialty of the delicatessen, produced on site without any preservatives.

The restaurant offers everything from simple cheese platters and homemade bread, to more complex dishes such as beet gnocchi with spicy tuna in coconut sauce and mini brioche with pickled and smoked fish. Every Friday, there is an amply stocked buffet which is priced at 150NIS per couple, featuring several of the more popular dishes.

The restaurant is located in beautiful surroundings, being at the foot of the Judean hills, but also being surrounded by vineyards and farmland. The tranquil surroundings only add to the feeling of being part of nature, and as the temperature is conducive to outside dining, the restaurant has developed various areas for the diners. There is a wooden deck, open to the fresh air and breeze that usually sweeps across the area.

Shvil Izim 2There is scope for group events catering for 15-150 people, and there are often ceremonies and family celebrations being held on site.

Goat Experience

Shvil Izim 3

As well as the food, there is also an opportunity to visit the goats’ pen on site. Visitors can choose to have a guided tour of the farm’s facilities, or merely purchase a bag of animal food and feed the goats at their own leisure. Small children may well enjoy the freedom to roam by themselves, whilst older visitors may enjoy the guided tour, and the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the farm.

Looking for both good food and entertainment? Shvil Izim is a great path to start on.