Best Shawarma Places in Jerusalem: Put the WARM Back in the Winter

December 16th 2016

Shawarma would be classified as ambrosia (food of the gods) if it weren’t for all the calories that came along with it. With artery-clogging goodness, shawarma (the Israeli version of a tortilla wrap) is an Israel staple, and one of the most delicious ones you’ll ever taste!

Tourists are always amazed when they first see the Goliathan slabs of meat turning on a spit. The way the workers slice off chunks of meat from the massive rotisserie is mesmerizing. Add to the oozing meat platter some fresh salads, ample hummus, and crispy fries, all wrapped up in a pita or laffa bread, and you have one of the most delicious meals you could ever dream of. Here are three of the top shawarma spots you must visit while in Jerusalem this trip.



Masov is a well-known shawarma eatery for the younger generation. At any given hour, you’ll find throngs of yeshiva students and seminary girls eating, hanging out, and enjoying the delicious spread of salads, meat, and fries carefully wrapped to perfection.

Note: While most do not have an issue with it, Masov has a Sephardic bill of kashrut and may not be accepted by some Ashkenazi Jews.

Location: Yafo Street 234 (in the same shopping complex as the Tachana Merkazit – Central Bus Station)


Halo Teiman

Halo Teiman may well be the most sought after shawarma in the country. Named after the originators of the food, the whole restaurant has an authentic flavor that permeates everything. Halo Teiman is more expensive than some of the other shawarma places you’ll find, but the price is well worth the upgrade in terms of quantity, quality, and service.

Location: Weizman Blvd 7 (next to the gas station before leaving the city)


Korus Al HaEsh

Korus Al HaEsh is actually a proper restaurant that serves amazing, off-the-grill delicacies. If you don’t feel like sitting down, though, their shawarma takeout is fantastic. Just let the guy behind the counter know which of the impressive selection of salads you want, what type of meat (chicken, lamb, or beef), and you’ll be on your way ready to chow down on some seriously palate pleasing food in no time.

Of course, you don’t have to stick around Jerusalem to find good shawarma joints. The original Halo Teiman is in Bnei Brak, and Tsfat has a fabulous shawarma place. In fact, any city you go to in Israel will deliver a delectable array of this finger-licking good dinner option, so hit up the whole variety and go back home a little heavier and a lot happier!