Shaon Horef: The Time of Your Life

February 2nd 2017

Back for its sixth year, Shaon Horef is always a hit for anyone who participates. Each week, something different is showcased, but the concepts are always the same: an eclectic blend of exciting music, dancing, art workshops, cooking demonstrations, street theater, parties, classes, and more! It’s always fun and always fresh, so don’t miss out on the entertainment of the year. Follow this schedule to stay on top of the events of each week:

Week #1, February 6: Shushan-Koresh

Check out some up and coming artists that will display their music and art talents. Head over to the Post Hostel on Yafo St 23 to enjoy the show. Admission is free, and the show starts at 8pm, so be there on time to get a good seat. There are also shows at Bastards (Shushan St 2) and Hamezkeka (Shushan St 3) starting at 9pm.

If you prefer to stick to the streets, check out the art, music, and food street fairs on Shushan and Yanai St. starting at 7pm.

Week #2, February 13: Hillel-Shamai

Get into some more eclectic musical flavors with Drunken Jazz at The Gatsby (Hillel St), East Meets Italy at the Museum of Italian Art (Hillel 25), or Africa Africa at the Blue Hall (Yoel Solomon 12).

Week #3, February, 20: Shlomtsiyon-Ben Shetach

Get ready for some Arabic-Hebrew fusion with some of the most talented artists in the land. Hit up some hip hop in the Rova 5 (Hillel St 35), get classical at 4 Shlomtzion HaMalka, and trip out with Hinom at Ben Sira 4. You can even move a little with some wine and Flamenco dancing at Ben Shetach 7.

Week #4, February 27: Ben Yehuda

The last week, you’ll enjoy some culture and excitement with:


A multicultural dance performance at the corner of Luntz and Ben Yehuda St., PORTRAIT OF A SYRIAN REFUGEE CAMP at 21 Shamai St, Hebrew workshops at 2 Yavetz St., and SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 14 Hillel St (2nd floor).

Jerusalem is always a delightful place to visit, and during the month of February, there’s even more reason to book your tickets. Join the fun now!