Rosh Hashanah 2017: Fun Activities for the Festivities

September 17th 2017

Everyone loves the New Year. It’s a time to start again, make amends, clear the slate. And, of course, have some fun! If you’ll be visiting the Holy Land this year around Rosh Hashana time, here are a few fun activities for you and the family to enjoy. Happy New Year!

Visiting the Shuk

Machane Yehuda is packed with the most colorful, delicious, and fragrant fruits and vegetables during this time of year. That’s because part of the New Year tradition is to have a feast of various types of produce, making appropriate blessings and supplications on each one. Additionally, religious Jews take a new fruit (or one they haven’t eaten in a year) for this holiday, so the market stalls are brimming over with exotic delicacies that will make your palate sing. If you haven’t been to Machane Yehuda or if you love the excitement of the area, now is the time to visit. Be sure to check out the exciting nightlife, as well!

Take a Honey Tour

Rosh Hashana is the time of year when we wish everyone a sweet new year. As the song goes, we dip the apple in the honey, and many people use honey in several other ways including on their challah bread and within recipes to make them sweeter. What a perfect time to check out Kfar Chabad’s fascinating Bee and Honey Tour. There is also a fun honey tour at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai Bee and Honey House (near Ashkelon) and the Lin Bee Farm near Rechovot.

Fruit Picking Season!

In the same vein as honey tours, fruit picking is a natural thing to do during this time of year. With the heat of the summer gone and the days at just the right length for a pleasant day trip, fruit picking gets you out into the great Israeli outdoors. Besides, you get to leave with some delicious fruit you picked yourself! Apples are in season starting from August, and in September they are ripe for the picking, so head to the Golan for some choice locations for fruit picking fun.