Seasonal Fruit Picking & Enjoying – Where, When, What

October 16th 2016

In addition to some rare and beautiful floral arrangements, the Israeli fall season ushers in a wide variety of colorful and flavorful fruits that will tickle your taste buds and please your palette. If you like the idea of tasting new fruits, you’re in for a real treat this September-January.harvest

In Israel, you’ll find some of the most unusual fruits perking up as the climate drops and the skies fill with rain clouds. Visit your local farmer’s market like Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem or Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv, and you’ll find a fabulous array of colors and tastes including persimmon, kiwi, star fruit, sabra, guava, custard apples (or “anuna”), and a variety of citrus fruits as well.

For those who enjoy the idea of picking a fresh batch of fruit on your own, the many orchards open to visitors for fruit picking will accommodate those desires. Check out these lovely fruit picking spots that you can enjoy this season.

Golan Fruit Pickings

September is the perfect time for fruit lovers. These delectable treats are rich, juicy, and brightly colored, and ripe for the picking. Visitors will enjoy an assortment of fruits such as nectarines, plums, peaches, pears, and figs. Of course pomegranates with their vibrant red color are also in season during the fall and a real treat for foreigners.

While in the Golan area, visit Breishit (just north of Kibbutz El Rom), Sha’al (south of Moshav Odem), El Rom (adjacent to Kibbutz El Rom), Moshav Odem, and Kesem HaPri (near Avnei Eitan) to have your pick of fruits.



Pre-Winter Wonders

As the months get even cooler, other fruits and veggies will come out. December ushers in artichokes, and these make for scrumptious salads and sides in the winter. But the most surprising winter bloom of all come in around November. Most people are shocked to hear that strawberries are actually a winter treat in Israel. Shuffle through row after row of these sweet and pretty fruits, as you pick and enjoy fresh strawberries straight from the ground.

Fruit Picking Event

If you are into the idea of fruit picking, and want to combine it with some tikkun olam, then you should join thousands of volunteers who will be picking fruit in October on World Food Day. Volunteers have their choice of locations throughout the country, and all pickings are distributed to the needy.

Many fruit picking orchards host other entertaining activities such as wine tasting or pie baking. Contact the specific orchard to make fruit picking a full-day event.

Come experience the fun and excitement that Israel holds every day of the year!