Best Places to Visit in Central Israel

June 13th 2016

The Center of Israel holds some hidden treasures that tourists and locals both enjoy tremendously. If you are visiting any of these areas including Rechovot, Petach Tikva, or Tel Aviv, here are some highlights that will make your vacation something special.

Dialogue in the DarkCentral Israel 1

Also known as The Blind Museum, Dialogue in the Dark is an experience beyond words. You are plunged into a world of darkness where you need to make your way around everyday situations and activities without the help of your handy sense of sight. The experimental museum is meant to give people with sight a deeper appreciation and understanding of how those without sight live their lives on a daily basis. It’s a truly mind-blowing experience.

The museum is part of the larger Israel Children’s Museum in Holon, a worthwhile experience for anyone.

Tomb of Benjamin290px-PikiWiki_Israel_4993_benjamin_tomb

The twelve tribes of Israel are scattered across the world, with many of the locations not even known. Benjamin, the youngest son of Jacob, is buried just east of Kfar Saba. Jews come to this site to pray, study, and connect to their ancient forefather and tribal head. The tomb is enclosed within a stone hut, and even Muslims come to pay their respects to this saintly man.

Mini IsraelMini Israel

We’ve saved what might be the best for last. Mini Israel won’t offer you waterslides, ATVing, or parasailing, but it is exciting in the fact that it encompasses the entire country within its walls. There’s just no way to see everything this beautiful country has to offer, and that’s where Mini Israel steps in. In this unique museum, craftsmen have expertly recreated nearly every major location and building around Israel in miniature. You’ll find the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and Latrun, as well as prominent cities like Eilat, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

There are plenty of other amazing hotspots in the area including a stalactite cave, the valley where David and Goliath fought, a fascinating archeological dig, and so much more. So spend a few days in this region, and learn, live, and love Israel even more!