Central Israel Tour Sites

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Ayalon Institute Bullet Factory

More than meets the eye, the Ayalon Institute Museum is located north of the central Israeli city of Rehovot. On the surface, this area was used for training young people for idyllic and pastoral kibbutz life. Above ground, there was a fully functioning kibbutz, which was built in just 22 days, complete with housing, a […]

The Latrun Police Station

The Latrun Police Station was built on a strategic hilltop amid the foothills of Judea in the early 1940s, when the British ruled Israel. Today, the Latrun Police Station serves as a memorial site for all those who lost their lives fighting both for Israeli access to Jerusalem and for independence. The station also houses […]

The Weizmann Institute

If you’re fascinated by science, you’ll want to schedule a visit to the world-famous Weizmann Institute of Science the next time you’re touring Israel. Hundreds of scientists, laboratory technicians and students are hard at work here, unlocking the puzzles of nature every day. The research university is Israel’s only public institution of higher learning to […]

Dialogue in the Dark

Referred to by many as “The Blind Museum,” Dialogue in the Dark is one of three experiential museums housed on the grounds of the Israel Children’s Museum in Holon, just four miles south of Tel Aviv. Dialogue in the Dark is organized into a series of rooms which visitors explore in complete darkness, replicating the […]

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

Located just six miles from the southern beach town of Ashkelon, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai is a fun, informative, poignant and entertaining place to visit during a tour across Israel. A thriving, historic, socialist-Zionist institution, the kibbutz is well known for its honey production and for its memorial to Warsaw Ghetto uprising leader Mordechai Anilewitz. On […]

Maccabees’ Tombs

More than 2,100 years ago, during the time of the First Holy Temple, a father and his five sons rose up against the ruling Syrian-Greeks who had outlawed the observance of Judaism throughout the Land of Israel. This family, along with the 6,000 followers who participated with them in guerilla warfare against the enemy, took […]

Kfar Chabad

Kfar Chabad, a Jewish village located about five miles south and east of Tel Aviv, was established by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, in 1949, just after the State of Israel was founded. Today, Kfar Chabad is the home and headquarters of the Israeli Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement. Its earliest inhabitants came to […]

Ne’ot Kedumim Biblical Park

One of the distinctive aspects of touring Israel is the chance to connect in a personal way to the Biblical history of the Jewish people. Ne’ot Kedumim is described as a Biblical Landscape Reserve. What does that mean? Ne’ot Kedumim, which can be translated as “the pleasant habitations of old” was built to recreate the […]

Givati Brigade Museum

If you’re interested in military sites in general, or want to learn more about Israel’s crucial War of Independence of 1948, a visit to the Givati Brigade Museum should definitely be on your itinerary. Located between the cities of Ashdod and Kiriyat Gat in the western part of Israel, the museum, known in Hebrew as […]

Ben Shemen Forest Monkey Park

The Ben Shemen Monkey Park is both a tourist attraction and a serious sanctuary for monkeys in need of a safe refuge, including monkeys who have previously been used in, and rescued from, scientific laboratories or smuggled into Israel illegally. If a monkey is in danger anywhere in Israel, it can be tended to here, […]

Armored Corps Memorial Site

From slingshots to tanks, the area surrounding Yad L’Shiryon at Latrun has sure seen it’s share of military tools. Several Biblical and otherwise historic battles have been fought in the Ayalon Valley, the lowlands between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Joshua and Judah the Maccabi fought their enemies here. Crusaders and British Mandate forces established fortresses […]

Benjamin’s Tomb

Benjamin was the youngest son of the Biblical patriarch Jacob and the Biblical matriarch Rachel. His tomb, called Kever Binyamin in Hebrew, is covered by a small building with a domed roof. Today, its location, on a small plot of land between two highways, is incongruous with its urban surroundings. Although many consider Binyamin’s burial […]

Bee and Honey Farm – Kfar Chabad

If you’re looking for a multi-media experience that’s both fun and educational for children during your tour of Israel, don’t miss the sweetness of the Bee and Honey Farm. Known in Hebrew as M’Achoray Hadvash, which literally means “behind the honey,” the Bee and Honey Farm is located just a few miles from Ben Gurion […]

Archeological Dig Activity

Does your ideal visit to Israel include some hands-on activities to keep all the members of your family or group engaged? If so, you may do well to consider including the Dig for a Day program. Managed under the auspices of the Archaeological Seminars Institute, Dig for a Day offers a taste of many of […]

Ella Valley – David & Goliath

It has often been said that a trip to Israel can make the Bible come alive. This is certainly the case for visitors to Ella Valley. The famous battle of David and Goliath, described in Chapter 17 of the First Book of Samuel, took place in the Ella Valley. In that battle, David the shepherd […]

The Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve

Near the town of Beit Shemesh in Central Israel lies the Soreq Stalactite Cave, Israel’s answer to the Luray Caverns. In May 1968, the cave was discovered accidentally when workers were detonating explosives to open a nearby quarry. The cave measures 200 feet wide, 260 feet long, and 50 feet high. A tour of the […]

Beit Guvrin National Park

Beit Guvrin National Park is best known for the hundreds of caves that were dug here by hand in ancient times. Nature created the hillside in a soft, chalky substance and covered them with a layer of rock, known as nari. The caves are the result of human hands that created underground open spaces within […]