Parents, Vacation the Right Way: Family-Friendly Hotels in Israel

December 21st 2016

Traveling with kids can be…challenging! But it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, especially when you visit Israel. A country that understands the importance of family life, Israel has loads of activities, events, and locations geared towards kid-friendly vacationing. Best of all, the hotels are even ready to accommodate groups with children. Here are some of the best hotels around Israel that offer freebies and perks for families with kids.

Dan Eilat

Eilat is a great place filled with shopping, sunbathing, and extreme sports to enjoy. And when you stay at the Dan Eilat, you’ll even have a place for your kid to play while you take some well-deserved time off. The kids’ club at Dan Eilat offers activities for children of every age including:

Dany Baby – great for toddlers who enjoy crafts, games, and dress up.

Danyland – touch screen computers, science projects, climbing equipment, and more

Dany Club – enjoy playing some music in the Band Hero corner, get into some Wii, disco dancing, the works

Fattal Clubkid-hotel-2

This hotel chain goes by many names including Leonardo, Le Meridian, and Herod’s, but one thing they all have in common is the tremendous kid-friendly atmosphere that is present across the board. In addition to having an open lobby where kids can get pastries, juice, and hot chocolate all the time, the Fattal chain provides a kids center, daily activities like baking, crafts, and swimming pool calisthenics, and live entertainment every night. The kids will really enjoy seeing their favorite characters (like Spongebob and Smurfs) running around the dining room during meal time, saying hello to the guests, and inviting them personally to come join the fun!


Located in the heart of Jerusalem, Inbal really goes the extra mile, providing everything that parents could ask for while vacationing with kids. From adjoining rooms to an entertaining kids’ club, workshops, aerobics, and sports, this hotel has everything set up so you can enjoy your time off in comfort. The Inbal even provides several day packages with free entrance to attractions like the Biblical Zoo and more.

There are other great hotels around Israel if you’re looking for something more cultural, classy, or eclectic. No matter what your needs, Israel has the accommodations and the attractions to make an unforgettable vacation for you.