Movie Theaters in Jerusalem Ideal for Visiting Movie Buffs

February 10th 2020

With so many fascinating things to see and do, your time in Jerusalem might already seem action-packed. Yet sometimes, after a few days of exploring and traveling, you just need to take things a little easy. And where better to sit down and relax than in one of Jerusalem’s many movie theaters? 

Visiting movie buffs will be pleased to know there are a number of cinemas within close proximity to the Old City. Each caters to a variety of movie tastes and screen films from Israel, the US, and from around the world. 

Israel has a rich movie theater and film production heritage. Long before Independence, movies were being screened across the Holy Land, from the silent film era to the first Hebrew-language film. The movie theaters of today are very different from then but many can trace their roots back to those pioneering theaters of yesteryear.  

If you’re looking for some rest and relaxation in-between exploring the wonders of Jerusalem, then check out the movies being shown in one of the following theaters: 

Cinema City

Perhaps the most well-known movie theater names in Israel is Cinema City. This huge complex consisting of 19 movie theaters and 3,000 seats, all under one roof, is situated a brief walk from the Israeli Parliament – the Knesset. Attractions nearby also include the Bloomfield Science Museum and Bible Lands Museum, among others. 

Cinema City’s location makes it an ideal place to catch a movie and some food after a long day exploring the cultural attractions of Jerusalem. Within the complex there are a number of restaurants, bars, and stores, making this a fun place for all the family. There are also plenty of photo opportunities next to models of famous movie characters and a huge ark replica outside. 

Jerusalem Cinematheque

Close to the Old City is the Jerusalem Cinematheque, which first opened in 1981. This unique and characterful movie theater, with four screening halls, screens new Israeli films, classics, recorded theater productions, and movies from every continent. It’s ideal if you’re in the mood for a mind-stimulating story to watch. 

The movie theater is located on Hebron Road, just across from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Ketef Hinnom archeological museum, and the quaint neighborhood of Yemin Moshe. The latter features the famous Montefiore Windmill and numerous artists’ studios and workshops. 

The movie theater is particularly ideal if you’re staying in one of the many nearby luxury Jerusalem hotels including the Mount Zion Hotel and the Dan Boutique Hotel.

Lev Smadar Cinema

The Lev Smadar Cinema is located in the German Colony of Jerusalem, on 

Lloyd George Street. It’s within short walking distance of both the First Station and the Museum of Natural History. The theater has its own coffee shop and restaurant but nearby are a selection of restaurants and eateries providing plenty of other delicious nourishment options pre or post movie viewing. 

Lev Smadar has a quaint and old worldly charm but is very comfortable and provides a wonderful place to watch some good quality films. There’s wheelchair access and a special hearing-impaired hearing system. 

Yes Planet Jerusalem

Yes Planet is a relatively new cinema complex located on Naomi Street, a short walk south of The First Station. There are 16 screens which show the latest blockbuster movies in their native language together with Hebrew subtitles. Onsite there’s also various restaurant and café dining options, plus disabled access. 

The movie theater complex is located just off the Hebron Road and nearby bus stops allow for easy access to public transport heading towards to the Old City and various hotels. It’s also open throughout Shabbat.