Living Like a Local: Eating Out (Like an Israeli) in Jerusalem

February 27th 2017

While indulging in some guilty pleasures that you would never dream of partaking in at home is all part of the vacation experience, an increasing trend towards having an entirely different experience on your trips has become the next big thing. Living like a local for a few days gives travelers a whole new perspective on life, people, and the new world they’re experiencing around them.

After all, if you’re in Italy for ten days, why not experience what it’s like to be an Italian? You’ll be able to go back to your regular life with a whole new palette of experiences and perspectives that you never had previously. Living like a local is a popular trend for travelers, and when visiting Israel this year, it’s the best way to go. Here are some awesome Jerusalem eateries that’ll give you the flavor of Israel without the hassle of the shuk!


Shawarma is an authentic Israeli food, and you haven’t really experienced the country until you’ve tasted this Middle Eastern delight. Plated, in a pitta, or exploding out of one of the delicious laffas, shawarma is a unique blend of meat and spices. The meat is roasted to perfection on a spit for that slow-cooked goodness that only time (and fat!) can produce. Combine some fresh salads and chips (french fries in Israel), and you are well on your way to heaven on Earth.

Here are some fabulous Jerusalem shawarma restaurants you don’t want to miss.


The iconic Israeli food, falafel has been enjoyed by citizens and tourists for decades. Falafel is really just the Israeli version of a sandwich; you stick everything inside some bread products and cut down on the hassle! What’s unique about this delicious “delicacy” is that it is centered around these delectable balls made out of chickpeas (don’t judge a food by its content!) and deep fried. Add in a whole spread of vegetables and the traditional Israeli dips like hummus and tahini, and it’s a guarantee you’ll be begging for more before your trip is done. We don’t have to list specific places; there’s a falafel shop every three feet in Jerusalem. Right by the shuk, on Bar Ilan St., and in Center One, there are some particularly delicious places to check out.


Finally, sabich is the same concept as falafel only they add in hard-boiled egg and fried eggplant. Another delight you’ll just have to try!

Enjoy your tour of the Jerusalem food scene, and here are a few more Tel Aviv restaurants that’ll really bring the unique Israel spice to your belly.