Israel’s Spring Proclamation Full Force

February 24th 2017

Israel has a truly unique experience that no tourist should ever miss. It’s the dead of the winter, temperatures are at their lowest, and so are most people’s spirits. The rain hasn’t stopped (hopefully), the wind is bitterly cold, and it doesn’t seem like an end is anywhere in sight.

Know what Israelis do at this moment? Why, celebrate life, of course! That’s right, in the midst of nature’s very own bout of depression, Israelis embrace the beauty of life by celebrating Tu B’Shvat, a holiday that rejoices in the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Probably the most magical moment of this not so festive time, though, is the budding of the almond trees. A most extraordinary thing happens during this time. The sun breaks out from behind the gloomy rain clouds, and the world is bathed in a warm, welcome light. What becomes instantly apparent are the beautiful white and pink almond blooms that have blossomed without us even realizing it. The landscape covered in these delicate buds is a sight that would surely lift up anyone’s spirits. So, if you are visiting Israel this February, be sure to stop off at any of these prime locations for viewing the delightful almond blossoms of the season.

Galilean Hills

These hills are jam-packed with loads of exciting activities like hikes through waterfalls, Montfort Park, and the many farms, factories, museums, and religious sites scattered along the Galilee. One of the best things you can do in the area that’s free is witness the abundance of almond blossoms that spring up almost overnight.


Another fabulous location for scouting out the almond blossoms, active tourists will also appreciate the pleasant hiking trails around this area. Sataf is found slightly to the east of Har Eitan, near the edges of Jerusalem. This is a beautiful area filled with all different types of natural pleasures like the famed almond blossoms and the cyclamens (aka Solomon’s Fire because they spurt out of the rocks like flames climbing higher).

British Park and Adulam-France Park

In the Beit Shemesh area? Then you’re in for a real treat. Aside from the other lovely flowers and plants you can find in the area such as cactus blossoms, tulips, and anemones, these national parks are filled to the point of bursting with bright and beautiful almond blossoms. The trees themselves are so full of the little buds; they seem like they’re ready to explode in a shower of heavenly petals.

Come enjoy the beauty, the riches, the pleasure that life holds all year round in the delightful tapestry which only a place like Israel can provide.