Galilee & Jazreel Valley Sites That Will Astound You

June 29th 2016

The Galilee, or Galil in Hebrew, takes up a large portion of Northern Israel. It stretches from the Mediterranean Sea eastward towards the Jazreel Valley and Acre, reaching up towards Mount Lebanon, Carmel, and Gilboa. Aside from being an expanse of lush greenery, the Galilee hosts a number of interesting tourist spots that you are going to really enjoy on your next trip to Israel. Here are some highlights that are well worth making the trek up north for.Galilee photo 1

Archeological Findings & Hikes Abound

Maybe it’s the crisp northern air, but this area is chock-full of national parks celebrating some of the most fascinating archeological finds in the history of this beautiful country. Megiddo is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and commemorates countless historical battles fought in the area; Monfort walks you through the 13th century crusaders fort via an exhilarating 45-minute hike that will really get your blood pumping; and Arbel National Park spans 2000 acres and is peppered with cliffs like the Keshet Cave Cliff that stands at a dizzying height of 1300 ft above sea level! Check out this hike if you are ready for an adventure!Galilee photo 2

History Captured in Photos

For a look back at some of history’s most monumental events, visit the museums in this area. Both the Golani Museum and the Ghetto Fighters Museum offer fascinating looks into their respective time periods. The Golani Museum is a tribute to the astounding heroism displayed by one of the most revered brigades in the Israeli army for their courage and tenacity during times of war. The Ghetto Fighters Museum takes a whole new approach to the atrocities of World War II, enlightening the observe of the horrors as seen through the eyes of heroic resistance fighters of the time.Galilee photo 3

No More W(h)ining!

If you’ve had it with the history, the hikes, and the heat, then head over to this area for some irresistible wine tastings from some of the greatest wineries in the country. Find an assortment of tours including the Dalton Winery, Rimonim Winery, and the Adir Winery tours. The Rimonim Winery offers a particularly unique flavor because these bottles are made from pomegranates instead of grapes.

And of course considering the area, you cannot go more than a foot without tripping over some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer. From the Bar’ram, Megiddo, and Monfort National Parks to the Iyun and Hatsbani Stream Nature Reserves, there is so much beauty packed into this small pocket of the globe. Come visit Israel this season to partake in all these wonders of creation.