Israel’s Best Outdoor Markets

June 7th 2017

Israel wears two hats. On the one hand, it’s the epicenter of modern living, eclectic cultural events, and the latest advancements in technological development. On the other hand, though, Israel is known for its ancient history, deep-seated religious connections, and unbroken ties to the past. There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy a modern-day smorgasbord of events and entertainment around Israel, but if you’d like just a taste of the natural Israeli flavor, check out some of their unique outdoor markets. It’s an experience worth having.

Shuk HaPishpeshim

From antiques to modern marvels, you’ll find everything at this second-hand wonderland where everything goes, and you never know what steals and deals you’ll find! It’s one of the most eclectic flea markets in all of Tel Aviv, and a rare treasure is always readily found in the hodgepodge of stands, stores, and stalls. The flea market is open every day except Saturdays from 9AM-5PM, but the open shuk is only available from July-September, so get it in while you can.

Where: Olei Tzion, Jaffa Tel Aviv

Machane Yehuda

Machane Yehuda is probably the most famous outdoor market in Israel, and rightly so. This place has a real Middle Eastern authentic vibe, and it’s the best place to go if you’re looking for a genuine market experience. You’ll hear stall owners yelling out their wares and prices, see locals bargain for a better deal, and wagons laden with all sorts of goodies from fresh vegetables, fruits, and spices, to tantalizing halva, spreads, and dips. At night, Machane Yehuda puts on her dancing shoes and invites you to do the same with amazing live musical performances, great food, and an incredible atmosphere that’ll draw you back time and time again.

Where: Rechov Jaffo, Jerusalem

Tzfat Art Market

Some call it a gallery or the Artists’ Quarter, but locals know that if you speak the right language, you can get stunning pieces of artwork for less than you could imagine. Head up to Tzfat for a lovely day of touring, synagogues, and spirituality, and be sure to hit up the Artists’ area while you’re there.

Where: Old City, Tzfat

These are just a few of the hotspots you can hit up. Check out some more fabulous Israeli shuks while you’re here!