Israeli History 101 Like You (& Your Kids) Have Never Learned It Before

August 28th 2016

Israel 101-1The school year is fast approaching, and that means kids have to switch gears from vacation mode to learning mode in a jiffy. If you want to start gearing your kids up for the new school year without boring them to tears, then you need to hit up these major landmarks across Israel. Travel the country and watch as history comes alive for you and your kids while you walk the very same paths that were travelled thousands of years ago.


Every child knows the story of the brave Maccabis and their fight for justice against the ruthless Greek armies. Tourists can visit the city of Hashmonaim, named for these valiant soldiers who fought along these very hills in the ultimate underdog battle of the centuries.

Of Giants & Kings

Visit the Valley of Elah, the site where David and Goliath duked it out. This one starts at road 375, and you’ll pass great spots such as the Kobi Spring (perfect for a hot day), some fabulous Byzantine ruins in the area, and a lovely assortment of pine trees, rock climbing, and palms.

City of DavidIsrael 101-2

The City of David is a fascinating archeological discovery that unearthed several intact remains of life in ancient Jerusalem. Some of the more mind-blowing artifacts include water tunnels and walls of the palace where King David presided.

Har HaMoriah

Har HaMoriah is a famous mountain that is mentioned many times throughout the Bible. Visit this holy site to relive the incredible Binding of Isaac, see the spot where Jacob had his famous dream while the rocks united beneath his head, visit the location of the school of Shem and Ever, and walk along the actual building place for the Holy Temple.

Of course, there are thousands of other Bible stories that can be brought to life when you visit the Holy Land and actually see the stones that were traversed during those tales. From the mountain top where Jepitath took his fatal vow to caves where Elijah the Prophet had to hide from the wicked Jezebel, from the cities that Joshua battled with for his claim over Israel to the spot where Deborah the prophetess sat and gave advisement, visit Israel, and illuminate the ancient texts with real life experiences of your own.