Fall Flowers and Where You Can Find Them

October 18th 2016

Since we are talking about a desert climate, the first rains of the fall produce more greenery than the many dry, summer months that precede it. A stroll across the mountainous regions of the north and central areas of the country will reveal a stunning landscape of lush trees, shrubs, and of course, artistically painted flowers all over the place.

While fall is just the beginning of blooming season for much of the plant life in this country (in fact, many flowers won’t bud until well into the winter months when they receive the ample amounts of hydration they’ve been thirsting for), there are still several beauties that flora lovers can partake in during the Israeli autumn changes. Be on the lookout for some of these delicate blooms in action.

According to the Effort, So the Rewardflowers-1

Tourists should note that fall blooms are scarce and usually found in small patches, not the large fields of poppies one might be used to seeing in other parts of the world. Israeli fall flowers are rare wonders that must be sought out to really be appreciated. When you do find them, you will be glad you searched, because these colors are vibrant, bold, and breathtaking.

Feinbrun’s Crocusesflowers-2

Flower aficionados will appreciate the autumn crocuses, also known as the colchicums, named for an Israeli botanist. The beauties can be found in the Golan Heights, and their soft purple hue, long elegant petals, and delicate stems make the crocuses a sight to be remembered.

Desert Rosesflowers-3

The pancratium lily is a rarer breed that will only blossom when the parched Negev desert actually receives enough rain to nourish these buds. These white blooms will overwhelm you with their delicate beauty and grace. The same can be said of the sea quill, another Negev desert “rose” that is worth scouting out this fall.

Not in Israel for the autumn? Don’t worry – there are lovely growth spurts for every season. Rejoice in the almond blooms that cover the entire country in a stunning white veil of regal almond blossoms in late January and early February, revel in the annual clary or the elusive irises in March and April, or appreciate the national flower, the anemone, as it emerges in the early spring. Floral beauties are always blossoming in this lovely country, so come enjoy the magic of nature on your next trip to Israel.