Eight Days of Entertainment: Chanukah in Israel

December 22nd 2016

In Israel, this Chanukah? If you are, then you are in for a real treat because Israel’s got some of the best entertainment that’s sure to light up the night and brighten your vacation with some authentic holiday spirit. Check it out!

Night #1: Torch Relay: Kick off your Chanukah festivities with a ceremony that speaks the language of Judaism: The Torch Relay. Join thousands of people as a torch is passed from hand to hand starting in Modiin (the city said to be where the famous Maccabee rebellions began) and stretching all the way to the Western Wall. It’s a truly unifying experience to behold.

Night #2: Dairy Factory in Tzfat: Since Yehudit won her victory with cheese, it has become tradition to eat dairy products on Chanukah. Visit one of the two dairy farms in Tzfat that are open all holiday long for an interesting and delicious tour.

Night #3: Visit Hasmonean Village: Another important aspect of the Chanukah story is the battle of the Maccabees. Though small in number, these brave men took on the mighty Greek army…and won! Learn more about this fascinating tale in this historical reenactment village.

Night #4: Museum of Edible Oil Products: Oil is a central theme for the holiday, so come learn more about this precious resource and how much it gives to us all.

Night #5: First Station: There is something entertaining every night and day at Jerusalem’s First Station, so check the calendar or just wing it.

Night #6: Tower of David: The Night Spectacular is what it’s called, and the incredible light/sound show needs no other explanation.

Night #7: Israel Museum: There are several exhibits, performances, and Chanukah workshops during this holiday, including opera singers, piano concerts, and string trios worth experiencing.

Night #8: A Night at the Theatre: If you want to expose your kids to some fun and culture, check out the various musical and theatre performances across the country.

Ready to celebrate? Then head straight for Israel, and light up the world this Chanukah!