Jerusalem Jewish Heritage

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What Will I Experience?

An historical adventure through the holy city of Jerusalem

Morning Pickup

Begin with a scenic overview of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert from Mount Scopus, just next to the Hebrew University Campus. Continue on to the Old City and enter through the famous Zion Gate, and prepare to be blown away by the history of this fascinating ancient city.

King David’s Tomb

Set foot on the same path that kings and prophets walked on over 3,800 years ago as you hear the story of how the ancient city of Jerusalem was born.  Explore passageways that were used by Jerusalem’s conquerors, and view ancient walls and fortifications on this mysterious and fascinating journey through history.

The Jewish Quarter

Steeped in both ancient and modern Jewish and cultural history, here in the Jewish Quarter you’ll venture through the Cardo, a colonnaded style street that was the heart of a major Roman city built atop the rubble of Jerusalem!

The Four Sephardic Synagogues

Can you find all four? Located deep in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, these synagogues are hardly visible to the naked eye due to the need for secrecy during Muslin rule beginning in the late 1500’s. Restored to their magnificence in 1967, these synagogues shed light on ritual items used by the Sephardic Jewish community hundreds of years ago.

Davidson Center

Here you can explore the rich and vibrant history of the temple mount, including a recent excavation of seventh century royal palaces. Hear the enthralling tales of some the most historically valued sites in Israel while standing only steps away from those very sites. Be sure to check out the most popular attraction – a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the Temple!

The Kotel (The Western Wall)

Here stands one of the most sacred sites in all of Jerusalem; the remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple. Jews come from all over the world to pray at the wall and feel its strong spiritual presence.

Meah She’arim Neighborhood

A drive through this ultra-Orthodox neighborhood is a exciting opportunity for immersion in a fascinating religious and cultural experience.

Mount Herzl

Memorialize the political figures who built the modern State of Israel and the IDF soldiers who died fighting for its creation by taking an afternoon stroll around Mount Herzl, Jerusalem’s national cemetery. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new interactive museum!

Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum

This museum will help re-instill the powerful message that Holocaust museums all over the world embody: Never forget.

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What’s Included?

We’ve got you covered

-All entrance fees
-Luxury air-conditioned vehicle/bus
-An incredible experience and loads of fun!
-Tour Guides for this Israel Tour are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

How early should I have my coffee?

Rise n’ shine for the incredible day ahead

-Pick up from Tel-Aviv Hotels is between 7:20am-7:30am
-Pick up from Jerusalem Hotels is between 9am-9:30am (traffic!)

Anything else I need to know?

A few important things to remember for the day

-Modest attire is required for visiting holy places of any religion – this includes a head covering for men, and shoulder covering for women (break out that new shawl!), and no shorts for both men and women.
-Comfortable, broken in walking shoes are recommended. You’ll be walking A LOT!
-Valuable belongings should never be left unattended in the tour vehicle.

Tour package pricing below is per person double occupancy in hotels, contact us for single & triple tour package rates.


Per Person from Jerusalem: $99

Per Person from Tel Aviv: $119

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