Celebrating Hanukkah in Israel 2016

December 23rd 2016

Celebrating Hanukkah in Israel 2016

Hanukkah is one of the most enjoyable holidays across the culture because it requires very little preparation but packs a lot of fun into eight days and nights! If you’re traveling in Israel during this festive time, you can take advantage of all the celebrations with some iconic and less-traditional methods of celebrating. Here are some holiday highlights you won’t want to miss.

Walking Tours

While walking tours of Israel are always encouraged, they usually take place during the day. Not over Hanukkah, though. No, when the sun goes down, that’s when you should strap on some walking shoes, and check out the amazing scenes that this holiday reveals. Hanukkiahs, the traditional holiday lamps, are displayed in every window, storefront, and public center for an effect that lights up the night and the soul.

A Toast to Holiday Spirits

If you are traveling with adults, then you’ll want to hit up some of the pubs that celebrate Hanukkah in style including Mike’s Place, The Toy Bar, and Oliver Twist.

Donut Hopping

Of course, the Hanukkah holiday wouldn’t be complete without some festive food indulgence! Take a tour around whichever city you’re visiting and you’ll find a delectable array of delightful donuts covered in every decadence you can imagine. It’s one week, so enjoy!

Bloomfield Science Museum

Always entertaining, this science museum has special light shows and exhibits to help you get into the festivities. Learn about innovative light technologies in the MakeLight interactive exhibit, play around with light and shadow effects, and watch fascinating demonstrations at the Light and Fire exhibits.

Western Wall Menorah Lighting

End your holiday on a high with this magnificent event. The Kotel wall ablaze, the lights of all eight nights casting their warm glow over throngs of people celebrating this holiday together. The scene is simply magical.

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