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Top Activities with Toddlers in Israel

June 30th 2015

Israel is filled with alluring sites from all eras in history, and many top-draw spots make a point of being child-friendly, offering attractions to those of all ages, and making accommodations (like high chairs in restaurants, for example) for those with tots. Biblical Zoo Since opening in 1993, Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo offers a glimpse of […]

5 Awesome Half-Day Hikes in the Jerusalem Area

June 23rd 2015

Jerusalem is best known for its historical and holy sites, but don’t forget to relish the amazing hikes that traverse the area’s hills, valleys, meadows and woodlands. The views alone may make you stop in your tracks. Here are just a few of the most highly recommended half-day hikes that originate within a few minutes’ […]

Israel’s Top Agricultural Farm Tours

June 11th 2015

The Land of Milk and Honey is home to a vibrant agricultural industry. When you visit Israel, you may want to take some time to see some of the scenic farms and the sophisticated techniques that innovative Israelis have used to make the desert bloom. For a smattering of especially compelling visitor experiences, start with […]

Israel’s 3 Best Zoos

June 11th 2015

There are several tourist attractions in Israel that specialize in one or two kinds of animals, such as the Crocodile Farm at Hamat Gader in the Golan Heights or the Australian koalas and kangaroos at Gan-Garoo in the Beit Shean Valley. But if you want to see a whole variety of animals from around the […]

Where to See Israel’s Most Exotic Plant Life

May 27th 2015

Whether it’s eating from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden or harvesting grape clusters for use at one of Israel’s hundreds of wineries, plants have played an important role in the life of Israel, from Biblical times until today. Here are our top picks for places to check out Mother Nature’s local […]

Where to See Israel’s Most Exotic Animal Life

May 27th 2015

You might be surprised to learn that Israel is home to hundreds of species of exotic animals. Many are indigenous, while others have been imported for the purposes of amusement or scientific observation. Here are some especially compelling tourism opportunities for encountering these animals. Sea Turtles at Nachal Alexander Nachal Alexander is beloved by many, […]

When Various Fruits and Vegetables are In Season in Israel

May 27th 2015

In fulfillment of the Bible’s prophesies, the Land of Israel brings forth its produce with great abundance, flavor and freshness, securing the Land of Milk and Honey’s corollary identity as The Land of Fruits and Vegetables. For many travelers, these basic building blocks of Israeli cuisine are among the most alluring aspects of their memorable […]

Exploring Israel’s Gush Etzion

May 27th 2015

Currently home to some 20 thriving communities and 20,000 people, the Judean Hills block known as Gush Etzion did not have an easy start. Today it’s the perfect region for exploring Zionist and Biblical history, Israeli rural living and adventure tourism. The first Zionist settlers came to Gush Etzion in 1927, established, and then quickly […]

Where to Volunteer When You Come to Israel

May 21st 2015

Israel is a service-oriented country, with socialized medicine and national or military service required of all citizens. When you visit Israel, after seeing the sights and sampling the delights, you may want to make your own contribution to Israeli society – and get to know the Holy Land from the inside. The Range of Opportunities […]

Tips for Renting a Car in Israel

May 20th 2015

If you’re planning to opt for a private, guided group tour of Israel, you won’t need to worry about transportation, since your guide will take care of those arrangements. However, if you want to travel on Shabbat, when most public transportation in Israel doesn’t run, or if you decide to show yourself around a bit, […]

Top Sites to Visit in the Area of Beit Shemesh

May 20th 2015

The largely residential city of Beit Shemesh is situated about 20 miles west of Jerusalem, but Israel tour participants are likely to be particularly drawn towards the many natural and historical sites just outside of Beit Shemesh. Here are some highlights worth checking out in the Ella Valley and the southern Judean Hills. Where Nature […]

Getting Familiar with Jewish Orthodox Garb Ahead Of Your Trip

May 18th 2015

When you arrive here in Israel, your perspective on Jewish identity is likely to get deeper and wider, as you come into contact with Jews from all walks of life and thriving, colorful subcultures. While most non-Orthodox Jews dress like anyone from a Western country, Ultra-Orthodox Jews are often notable for their distinctive black coats […]

Herodium National Park

May 17th 2015

Some 2000 years ago, on the edge of the Judean Desert, King Herod the Great constructed a fortress and a summer palace at the top of a cone-shaped hill. Herod is often cited as the greatest builder in Jewish history, but he was also a madman who murdered members of his own family. Herodium National […]

6th Annual Swim4Sadna

May 6th 2015

On Friday, June 5th, women from across Israel and around the world will be gathering at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, ready to swim across as part of a fantastic charity event. You too can find your way to helping out those in need at the Swim4Sadna swim-a-thon. Another way to give back, […]

Getting Familiar with Israel’s Weather Ahead of Your Upcoming Trip

May 6th 2015

For a small country, Israel is home to a staggeringly diverse climate. On any given day, there could be snow in the Golan, rain in Jerusalem and hot weather in the Negev. Here are some facts about Israel’s weather patterns to help prepare you for your upcoming trip. Israel’s rainy season generally lasts from around […]

Getting Familiar with Shekels Ahead of Your Trip to Israel

May 6th 2015

When you first exchange your dollars for shekels, you might laugh and say that it looks like Monopoly money. As confusing as foreign currencies may be, the shekel is legal tender when you’re in Israel, so it may be a good idea to spend a few minutes wrapping your head around its various denominations and […]

How to Deal with the Metric System when Visiting Israel

May 6th 2015

Tourists visiting Israel from the United States are often overwhelmed by the idea of Celsius temperature notations or measuring weights by the kilo and distances by the meter. You might be comfortable knowing that a store a quarter-mile away sells the 12-ounce sodas you count on to keep you cool when the weather rises above […]

Spending a Day in Gush Etzion

May 6th 2015

Just south of Jerusalem lies a cluster of approximately 20 Jewish communities known collectively as Gush Etzion, the Etzion block. Gush Etzion is located among the Judean Hills and is home to a wide range of historic and recreational sites. Kfar Etzion, home to the Lone Tree Brewery, is also among the oldest kibbutzim in […]

Connecting with Heritage at Israel’s Four Holy Cities

May 6th 2015

Although Jerusalem is the center of spirituality in the Holy Land, the concept of Israel’s Four Holiest Cities came about in the mid-17th century, primarily as a way to jointly raise charity from Jewish communities overseas for the needy Jews of Israel. Judaism’s Four Holy Cities are Jerusalem in the center, Hebron to the south […]

Hameiri House

May 3rd 2015

The story of Jewish life in Tzfat over the past 200 years is preserved and displayed in a compelling manner at Hameiri House, or Beit Hameiri in Hebrew. A fifth-generation native of Tzfat who passed away in 1989, Yehezkel Hameiri came to know this building as a child and spent decades transforming it into a […]

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