Most Beautiful Wildlife Beasts to Behold in Israel

June 14th 2017

One thing that never ceases to amaze tourists when they come to Israel is the vast diversity of the country. From the weather to the people, there’s such a beautiful array; it’s refreshing ad breathtaking.

Last week, we went through some of the exotic flowers that you can enjoy while you’re here. If you’d like to get a small glimpse of some of the most majestic animal life that this lovely country has to offer, don’t miss these top picks.

Sand Cat

Israel is known for their feline infestation. Brought in originally to curb a rat epidemic, the cats have become somewhat of a nuisance on their own. But the sand cat is a horse of a different color, so to speak. This endangered species is an unusual breed that is specifically designed to live in desert climates. As most cats do, sand cats sleep during the days, but these kitties do it to avoid the sweltering desert sun. Additionally, sand cats don’t require much water, a rare commodity in these parts. Oh, not to mention, they’re absolutely adorable!

If you like rare kitties, you’ll also love the Arabian leopard (the smallest leopard in the family) and the Caracal aka Desert Lynx with its beautiful features.

Fire Salamander

Just as they sound, these amphibians have bright red, orange, and yellow patches on their black scaly skin. They’re unique in that they are only one of two breeds of salamander left in Israel at all.

The Middle East Tree Frog

Another amphibian made our list. Unlike most of the ones mentioned here, the middle east tree frog is not endangered or rare at all. It’s appearance is really what gives it personality though. This frog has a small, bright green body, round amber eyes, and striking streaks of deep brown across the neck and chest. It’s really a wonder to view, and you can see them throughout Israel.

Mountain Gazelle

We’ll close off with the mountain gazelle. This is a majestic breed with long, shapely horns, and delicate markings that make the animal quite striking. Visit the Biblical Zoo for an eyeful of these lovely creatures.

Don’t miss out on these amazing attractions, and be sure to check out some of the rarer breeds that roam through these terrains while you’re here, too!