The Animal-Lover’s Guide to Touring Israel

November 2nd 2017

With all the shopping, eating, and religious significance around Israel, it might surprise many people to learn how much animal-focused tourism there is in this country, as well. In fact, Israel is home to some of the most exotic, rare, and interesting species in the world. So, if you’re a lover of all creatures on four legs (or wings, or in the sea, or…you get the idea), then check out this complete guide to touring Israel with a roar!
Biblical Zoo

This is more than a zoo; it’s a zoological experience. It houses endangered species and works as an animal conservatory and research lab for developing cures for common animal diseases. Every few years, the Tisch Family Zoo adds another interesting exhibit to its mix, and it’s always a wonderful addition. Exhibits focus on various climates and locales around the world including sections on Australian wildlife, an aquatic pavilion (called the Wet Side Story!), and the latest aquarium that has yet to be open to the public but is already making huge waves.

Ramat Gan Safari

The safari in Ramat Gan hosts an even bigger collection of animals than the zoo. In fact, it’s the largest collection in the Middle East. Also a research and recover habitat and conservatory for endangered and wounded creatures, the safari helps animals from all over the world.

Sepori is the bird-exclusive section that became so popular they had to turn it into an attraction of its own.

Eilat Underwater Observatory

Experience the sea as you’ve never seen it before when you take a deep dive (fully clothed!) into the depths of these waters. The observatory was uniquely built to showcase the underwater life in all its details without disturbing their daily routines. Visitors can walk through the fascinating museum, viewing different types of sea life. You will truly be in awe at the wonders of nature.

While you’re in Eilat, you can go swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Reef or go scuba/snorkeling for an even more up close and personal experience.

Bird Watching

We haven’t forgotten the bird watchers of the world. Israel is home to some 500 million migrating birds each year, and the country is well-prepared for their arrival. Watchers can view these magnificent feathered friends from the observatory and outlook centers in Eilat, the Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, Arava Valley, Hula Valley, and Maagan Michael for an aviation experience you won’t soon forget!

Don’t forget about the monkey park, Gangaroo, the ‘gater park, Deer Land, and so much more. If you want more information about more great animal parks, check out our Ultimate Summer Guide Theme Parks edition.