Amazing August Events in Israel Everyone Should Check Out

August 4th 2017

August weather is hot, but the attractions are even hotter! So, if you’re planning to be in Israel during this summer month, you need to check out some of these exciting events that will be taking place throughout the month of August.

Akko Opera Festival

When: August 3rd – 5th

The Akko Opera Festival is really gaining traction, and in 2017, it’s back for its fourth year running. Head for the Crusader’s Fortress in the Old City for the weekend event that invites visitors to partake in a medley of music that is uniquely composed for the event.


International Puppet Festival

When: August 5th – 10th

You can’t say you’re not at least a little intrigued by this concept. Bring your kids or enjoy on your own, the International Puppet Festival invites visitors to watch renowned puppeteers performing in theaters all over Jerusalem including the Train Theater, Liberty Bell Park, Yemin Moshe, Khan Theater, and The First Station.

International Arts & Crafts Fair

When: August 7th – 19th

Also known as Hutzot HaYotzer , the International Arts & Crafts Fair is one of the biggest events in the entire calendar year for art lovers everywhere. Join thousands of art fans as everything that is art is displayed, discussed, and admired during this week and a half long festival.

Red Sea Jazz Festival

When: August 27th – 30th

Heading to Eilat? Then, don’t miss the Red Sea Jazz Festival this month. You’ll get to enjoy all your favorite styles of music in this genre including blues, bebop, and of course jazz, from some talented artists performing under the pristine desert stars.

Need some more?

How about hitting up a few of these August highlights:

Chainsmokers concert on August 3rd in Tel Aviv

Meteor shower on August 12th

Sean Paul rapping in Tel Aviv on August 22nd

The Zion Reggae Festival in Jerusalem on August 28th

The Night Spectacular at the Tower of David all summer long

The Jerusalem Beer Festival August 22nd – 23rd

The world renowned Klezmer Festival in Safed from August 22nd – 25th

One thing you can be sure of is Israel always has something exciting and entertaining going on. So, plan your itinerary now for a fantastic vacation abroad!