Wrap it Up: Funky Headscarves in Israel

May 29th 2016

One of the most outstanding features of religious Jewish women is their head coverings. According to Jewish law, married women are obligated to cover their hair in one manner or another. Some opt for the traditional wigs, while others prefer hats and berets. A trend that is occurring more and more often in the Jewish community though, is head wraps, and you won’t find it more prevalent anywhere than in Israel. From the colors to the wrapping styles and the accessories that go along with them, let’s explore the vibrant world of Israeli headscarves.

Funky Headscarves 1

What Are These?

Headscarves are any form of material that is wrapped around the head in order to cover the hair. This can be a partial covering or it can fully conceal the entire head of hair. The most amazing thing is the variety that you’ll find as you walk through the streets of Israel. Visit a random stall in Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda market, and you’ll find every shade of the rainbow, varying levels of thickness, and an array of materials to choose from.

Choose headbands, clips, and necklaces to adorn these already attractive scarves, and embellish the concept with additional accessories that you’ll have to see to believe!

How do They Work?

There are endless creations that you can make with this form of hair covering, and the women of Israel have certainly brought out their creative energy as they wrap their heads in contemporary beauty and style. Here are a few variations you can try at home:

Funky Headscarves 2

Tie one wrap over another to get a multicolored effect

Braid the ends of the scarf and then wrap them across the head for more of a kibbutz style

Pile on thicker pashminas for a funky, full, and festive flavor

Add necklaces or beads to adorn the scarf

Where Can I Get Those?

You can’t go far in Israel without finding a “mitpachat” stand. You’ll notice them right away with their rows upon rows of colorful scarves. Ask any of the attendants, and they will be more than happy to show you a few innovative wraps to take back home with you. Check out these stores for an excellent array of head scarves to choose from:

Mahane Yehuda, the Jerusalem shuk, has an abundance of stands. Just walk up and down the aisles and take your pick.

Geulah is a neighborhood in Jerusalem that is packed with everything that is Jewish. Travel down Malchei Israel, and admire the scene as you grab a few scarves for yourself.

Every Thursday, you can treat yourself to a delightful array of homemade items when you visit the Jerusalem Night Market. In addition to handcrafted trinkets, jewelry items, and souvenirs, the market has stalls loaded up with the head scarves.

Those are just a few of the locations around Jerusalem where head scarves can be found. Visit any city in Israel, and you are bound to find a cornucopia of these beautiful and authentic piece of traditional Jewish heritage.