William Kaiser

October 15th 2013

This was our first trip to Israel and we were a little worried because of what you hear in the news. Don’t believe any of it. 4&5 year old children walk to school alone, women jog in the park alone at midnight, everyone is so friendly and talk to you. You see soldiers (18-20 year olds) walking around with weapons, but the difference is, everyone has them but no one uses them. You feel like you are part of one big family:) Shalom Israel Tours are THE BEST! From the driver picking us up at the airport to dropping us back off at the airport 2 weeks later the tour was not only flawless, but above and beyond. There were a total of 9 people on our tour and our guide Jacky Maayan was so personable and funny I can’t praise him enough. At the end of each day when we got back to our hotels everyone gave him a round of applause. We liked everything, but the 3 highlights were The Wailing Wall, The Wailing Wall and the Wailing Wall. (when your there you’ll understand) We have been to many country and had many tours, but I can honestly say this was not only the best vacation of our lives, but also the best experience of our lives!!!